Who Are the Ughyurs and Why Should We Get Them Out Of Our Way?

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Turkic is spoken by the Uyghurs, a group of people from Central Asia. With the exception of Xinjiang province, the most of them live in northwest China. Hui aren’t the only Muslim minority group in Xinjiang that suffer oppression; there are Hui, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, and Hui.

The area’s name implies that Uyghurs are presumed to be independent and self-governing. However, Xinjiang is a strictly governed province of China, rather like Tibet. Large Uyghur populations can be found in nearby nations like Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. It’s estimated that there are a few thousand Uyghurs residing in Australia. The Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities that exist in Xinjiang have received strong support from Chinese Premier Xi Jinping. The administration recently raised the number of police officers in the area and used cutting-edge tracking technology. Muslims who are minorities are imprisoned and held in illegal detention. It is claimed that one million Uyghurs are imprisoned in what China refers to as “professional educational facilities.” These are specially built jails, some of which have a high level of security. A recent ABC article claimed that the Chinese campaign of subjugation involved the growth of 28 prisons across the whole province of Xinjiang. In addition to reports of detainees deaths and the use of bonded labour, there is mounting proof that human rights are being violated in the detention facilities.

According to reports, Uyghurs who reside overseas have asked Beijing to present “proof of the existence” of any missing family members in Xinjiang. In a previous article from The Guardian, it was stated that 80% of Uyghurs living in Australia were believed to have a relative who had vanished into a prison.

Prior Animosity

In 1949 when during 1949, People’s Republic of China seized control of Xinjiang. Around 76% of inhabitants of the region are thought to be Uyghur in the present. The town’s population was 6.2 percent of the total population were Han Chinese, the large ethnic group in the country and the rest consisted of minorities. The ethnic composition of the town has changed from 1949 because of Han the influx of Han. According to official statistics there are 42 percent Uyghurs and 40 percent Han residents in the country.

Beijing feels it dangerous to express any criticism or concern over the Chinese Communist Party. Minorities are seen by the Chinese Communist Organization as a threat to national security. Despite the fact that there valid arguments for improvements in health, employment, and education, it is nevertheless true. Beijing places the highest priority on regional stability. Any claim that challenges the official stance that Xinjiang has always been a part of China is ignored.

The Situation Right Now

Recurrent tactics at rapid and coercive integration, discriminatory and repressive policies, and a cycle of what protesters have nicknamed “repression-violence-repression” have all led to rallies throughout Xinjiang. Terrorist acts have frequently been reported in Xinjiang and other parts of China, such as the attack at the Kunming rail terminal’s airport terminal.

The Uyghur organisation has recently been classified as a terrorist organisation by Beijing. This has given Beijing the justification it needs to put Xinjiang under surveillance. Additionally, Islamophobia has becoming more prevalent across China. Certain Uyghurs have already been appointed by the government to monitor other Uyghurs and spot any suspicious or illegal activity. This holds true for people who have given up smoking, consuming alcohol, or even Uyghurs who choose not to watch Chinese news networks.

Beijing utilizes Iris readers DNA testing, 3-D identifying images of Uyghurs facial and voice identification, as well as other methods of monitoring. They were implemented after Chen Quanguo was named the Xinjiang Party Chief by Xi in the year 2016. In Tibet the place where he worked in a similar capacity Chen was in charge of the nation’s Buddhist people. More than 100 Uyghur intelligentsia comprising poets, writers, reporters as well as university lecturers are reported to have been in jail recently. However, if they have sensible positions and seek peace, academics who speak against injustice and adhere to traditional values are subject to persecution.

It is true that the US administration was first to claim China of carrying out genocidal actions against the Uyghurs in the month of January 2021 however, legislators from other countries have also been following suit, most notably Canada along with in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, Chinese officials and organizations that are associated with human rights violations have come under the sway of sanctions from a variety of nations.

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