What To Do If Order Not Delivered?- Get the All Information!

What To Do If Order Not Delivered?- Get the All  Information! >> This article provides details on the steps you should follow if the items you ordered weren’t received by the seller.

What should you do if your Amazon package is lost by the company, or doesn’t arrive in time? Do you know the guidelines that are set by the Amazon company for its various countries in this regard?

If you aren’t aware of the fact that your package was not delivered to your address at the right time, then you must give the following article a look. The article below, we’ll look at What To Do If Order Not Delivered? Also, we tell you the procedures, followed in different countries. So let’s find out.

What are the best practices to take in the event of non-delivery of items?

The technology of today is so advanced that individuals do not have to leave of their homes to get items. Thanks to the internet and apps it is possible to purchase different products online and then have them delivered to your address.

The system is designed to make life simpler, many have filed complaints about non-delivery of items as well as other causes. We’ll provide you with what steps to take if you encounter this issue. Keep in mind that each policy is different and is based on to the branch in the country of the business.

1. Contacting the seller

If you’re having problems with regards to the goods you’ve placed on the market and would like to speak with the seller, take these actions. If you need to reach out to the seller, you must call their number and speak to them. This is only applicable to your local seller.

If we’re talking about an international supplier or seller who sells large items and has a good reputation in the marketplace To contact them, you must comply with these guidelines. If you wish to reach out to any seller that has the cooperation of an organization such as Amazon Here is how to do it.

  • You’ll find your seller’s name by reading the description of the product.
  • Copy the information for the vendor and then paste these in the ‘Ask the Question section.
  • Choose the reason to get in touch with the seller.
  • Then , you can contact the vendor via chat or by phone.
  • This procedure is identical for all areas and nations like that of US, UK, Australia, Canada and India.

2. Sending Legal Notice

If the seller isn’t willing to pay the refund amount, don’t be concerned since you can issue a legally-binding notice according to your rights. Every country has the rights to shield its clients from this scenario.

  • If you live in the UK you are able to write a letter in the reference to the Consumer Rights Act of 2015.The link will help you to know more https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/template-letters/letters/problems-with-goods-or-services/letter-to-complain-about non-delivery-of-goods/
  • If you live in the US There are an act called the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act in which you are able to make a legal note at the time of purchase to the vendor.Here the link can be helpful for you https://www.myinternationalshopping.com/advice/failed-or-late-international-delivery-fromthe-usa-what-to-do
  • Australia has an ACCC to safeguard the rights of consumers as well as Canada also has consumer protection laws. For more details check here https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/sales-delivery/non-delivery-of-products-services
  • In India there is an office for consumer protection to help you and protect your fundamental rights as a consumer.

3. Refund claim

After making contact with the seller and delivering the legal notice then you can then request the refund in the event that the seller is unable to provide the goods. As per the laws in the UK sellers are required to pay the refund within 15 days after cancelling the purchase. If the seller fails to complete the refund, you are able to complain to the authorities. The claim time frame differs in each country , for example:

For UK the seller has to pay the money in the period of 15 days.

For US the refund process is 7 days and the seller must refund the money to you.

  • In Australia as per the Australian consumer law the consumer only receives the refund if there is an issue that is major. The seller will issue the refund within 30 days.
  • If it is Canada the seller is required to pay the refund within just 15 days.
  • In India you can reach customer service, and they’ll refund the money immediately when the product isn’t received in time.

4. The process of filing a consumer complaint

You may file a complaint with the authorities about the seller and their poor service. Bring all necessary documents with you and report to the trading standards or call the consumer helpline of the citizen’s advice.

If you’re not getting your items in the UK You may write an email to the consumer guidance as per the Consumer Act of 2015.

If you live in the US In the US, you are able to visit the official website of consumer complaints. They will resolve your complaint and let them handle the seller. Include all necessary documents including receipts, warranties, and purchase confirmation.

You must visit the ACCC’s official website, i.e., Australian consumer and competition commission, and submit your complaint.

If you reside in Canada You can reach the consumer complaint office to submit the complaint. * In India pursuant to the consumer protection law you are able to submit your complaint to different commissions and courts, such as district consumer and state consumers, and national consumer.

5. Credit card payments

If you’ve completed the purchase that wasn’t delivered via a credit card, request a refund which will then be added directly to the account you have. The process will be same for every country, since the money is credited using the form it was originally made at first.

Check to ensure that you did not provide enough details about the card you use. Payments made with cards are generally secured by the server, but it is better to be on guard. If you use a debit card on the order that you are able to make and it is accepted, then the money will be returned it back on the same way only.

6. Payments made with Credit Card

It’s the same for the credit card. If you make a payment using cards, credit or debit card you may apply for section 75, by asking the card company to provide you with the statement. You can provide the original of the bill before the courts or to any other authority, and request a credit to your account at the banks.

Sometimes, the website or seller may put an additional cost on the amount, such as tax or shipping charges. If you are registering for a refund, make sure you mention the additional charge imposed by the vendor.

As per regulations, it is required that you have to contact authorities concerning debts incurred by your credit card within 60 days following the date you received the initial statement. If you extend the time beyond 60 days, then authorities won’t be able assist you.

7. Payment using PayPal

If you’ve made payment for your purchase using the PayPal application, you are able to get the transaction record and forward it to authorities. They will investigate the transaction, and then the seller must refund the amount you paid within the specified time.

The process of paying for these payments will be identical across all countries since you will be able to receive the exact amount in the same manner to be paid for it.

8. Notifying Late or Non-Deliveries to Trading Standards

If you purchase something on the internet and you purchase something this means you own the product at present and the seller is required to deliver the product to you at your address. Today, there are numerous trade standards that are designed to handle these types of circumstances. Each country has its own trade standards such as:

  • UK Charted Trading Standards institute
  • Better business bureau in the US
  • Australia The law on competition and consumer protection 2010.
  • Protection for consumers in Canada Ontario
  • India- International Trade Administration These organizations will assist you if you have issues with delivery or late delivery of goods after payment has been made. Check this page

By following the steps above with the help of these steps, you’ll be able to handle the items that are not delivered in various countries. 

Each country has its own method to deal with the issue It is recommended to follow the procedure in line with the country and get in touch with the authority to get the items you ordered. This link can be used for more details on delivery and online orders.


Some Online Shopping Tips

If you’ve been through the experience of non-delivery of your items or late delivery, it’s time to take note of your mistakes. Here are some online shopping tips to assist you in making your shopping experience better and avoid the same mistake in the future.


  • Make sure you choose websites that have an excellent trust score and a genuine trust score.
  • Always best to check how well-respected the seller.
  • If you believe that the website or seller’s offer isn’t enough consider evaluating the offer before making a purchase. products.
  • Check out the conditions and terms on the website prior to placing an order.
  • Use an encrypted network to pay for your purchase.


The following information is provided for What to do if your order is Wasn’t Delivered? We can conclude that the customer must follow the regulations and rules according to the country since the laws are distinct in every country.

If you follow these guidelines you’ll be in a position to get your refund in line with your rights as a consumer. Follow the steps to avoid this issue from happening again.

In case you’ve got a questions regarding the refund process or about items that are not delivered We are happy to answer your questions and we’ll try to find the answer. Click here to get some shopping tricks.

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