What Is The Clear Cup Scam {Jan}Is It Legit or Not Know Here

This article informs readers of What Is The Clear Cup Scam and the best way to be sure to stay away from this fraud.

Have you ever been Paris? A fraud dubbed the Clear Cup scam has become the talk of travelers across all over the United States and around the world. The public is curious about this scam and the ways victims have been scammed frequently due to these Clear cups.

If you’ve experienced this or wish to be aware of the possibility of being scammed this article will inform you of What Is The Clear Cup Scam.

What exactly is this? Clear Cup Scam?

People who walk around place their money in clear cups and place them in the middle, usually in places where they are able to draw a large crowd.

A majority of the times because of the transparent and clear cup, the tourists were unable to be able to see the glass, and then accidentally kicked the cup. This creates a pity situation for tourists and, in return they pay the scammers some cash.

Is Clear Cup Legit?

The clear cup scam is legitimate and a lot of travelers have posted videos online to inform other people not to fall for this scam.

According to them they are the ones who deliberately do this with tourists to deceive and then rob them. They do not just request money from tourists however, they also are bending down to collect the money that they knocked away. Some pickpockets and others will steal from tourists during this scam without making them the tourists know.

What are the opinions of people about this scam?

When they learn of the fraud, individuals wish to be aware and want not to fall victim to the fraud. But, not many people consider this method to be clever.

Anyone who has been through the same situation have told others it’s okay to be a bit rude at times. Even if someone does make a mistake and kick the cup and then forget about the incident and continue on their way, as the whole situation is intended to defraud foreigners who are not familiar with the city, and don’t know how to pull off techniques to swindle them.

Final Verdict:

Yes it is true that the Clear cups scam real and numerous foreigners have gotten caught in it with no idea.

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