Tyson Foods Ground Beef Recall {Nov 2022} More Updates Here!

The Tyson Foods Ground Beef Recall contains information about the Tyson products recall as well as a list of products that have been recalled from Texas. Do you love Tyson ground Beef meat? Have you bought Tyson HEB beef yet?

It’s now time to verify the product name and expiration dates. Tyson Foods recalls contaminated foodstuffs, United States. These products are the focus of this Tyson Foods Ground Beef Recall Article.

Why was Tyson Products Recalled?

Tyson, a well-known beef brand, is made in Amarillo. These products may contain trace amounts of mirror-like reflecting substances. HCF was the only contamination that H-EB and Hill Country Fare products were suspected to have. USDA, the United States Department of Agriculture also announced these contamination alerts. Following the announcement, Tyson will recall 94,000 pounds of HCF and HEB products.

Ground Beef Recall 2022

All over the internet, Tyson Ground Beef recall news is in high demand. People are anxious about their products. Tyson made it clear that Tyson’s product list and sale areas are clearly described in order to avoid tensions.

These specifications apply to the recall goods:

HCF beef tubes 10-pound,

HCF beef 5 pound tubes with lean and fat percentages of respectively 73 and 27%

HEB beef 5-pound tubes with lean and butter levels of 80 & 20 respectively.

Recall for Heb Ground Meats

Nearly 42637kg of beef products from Texas were recalls. Consuming forging material-contaminated products can lead to serious health problems.

Tyson beef products are free from any health risks. This shows that Tyson and USDA are helping to speed up the process and has saved people money. It is important to read the fine print before you purchase Tyson HCF/HEB products.

Ground Beef Texas Recall 2022

HCF/HEB products have been discovered in Central Market, Mi Tienda. The product was also sold at Joe V’s as well as H E-B. All of the contaminated products sold in these stores have been disposed. All these stores are located in Texas. Residents of Texas need to be aware. If something happens, people should immediately return any product purchased. Refunds should be requested. To answer questions regarding recalls of products, the Tyson Company provided its customer service number. 855-432-4438, 800-643-3410.


Tyson Company admitted it made mistakes and tried to get its products recalled. This is admirable. We wish they would learn from their mistakes.

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