Thuy Trang Cause of Death {Nov 2022} Is She Accidentally Dead?

This article contains Thuy Trang Cause of Death and many other facts about her life. What is known about Thuy Trang? Thuy Trang, an American Vietnamese actor, was killed in a car accident. This news was also distributed in countries such as Canada or the United Kingdom.

Many of her admirers are looking online for information about Trang’s death and other details. After reviewing many news sources, we will update the Thuy Trang Cause Of Death and other related information.

The Cause of Death

Thuy Trang died on 3 September 2001. It was 21 years ago. Fans and others are still curious as to the cause of her passing. Trang’s death wasn’t reported according to the preliminary report. Trang died in a car accident, according to many media outlets.

According to media reports, Trang was traveling with Angele Rockwood. Trang was later discovered dead in Accident after a car accident. Police investigated the case.

Find Funeral and Obituary Information!

2001 was the last time that any official intended to reveal the cause of death. Thuy’s sudden death still baffles fans. We recently found an official obituary online for Thuy.

Thuy’s remains were cremated one week after her death on September 10, 2001. The ashes of Thuy were later scattered in California’s Rose Hills Memorial Park.

Fans can share their condolences, love and information about the Original Power Ranger on official social media pages. Many social media links allow for condolences or tributes to the actress. The pages are still being updated and many have left their comments and thoughts. You will find the links below the header.

Read About Her Family

Name: Thuy Trang Full Name Name- No information Actor’s horoscope sign is Sagittarius. 14/12/73 – Death at Birth Birth Place- South Vietnam (also known as Ho Chi Ming City). Father’s name- Ky Trang. Mother’s name- Be Trang. Siblings: One sibling and two brothers (names not determined). Age 27 Nationality- Ho Chi Minh City. American Marital Status: No Information on Single Partner 1.5 million USD in net worth.

Age and Time of Death

Many people are curious about Thuy’s life. Thuy was born on 14 December 1973. She was 27 years old when she suffered the horrible incident. Thuy was known for her acting and performances. Thuy was just 20 when she played the role of Trini Kwan, Power Rangers.

Many of her roles as actresses included well-known ones. Walter Jones’s Hip Hop Dance Video is her most prominent project. Spy Hard and Spy Hard were two other notable Austin St Jones Martial Arts Video projects.

Additional Information About Thuy

Other facts, like Thuy’s Vietnamese heritage, are also revealed. Her Vietnamese nationality was her birthright. Later, Trang was granted political asylum in the USA and obtained a passport. She was a Buddhist believer and had been worshipping Goutam Buddhist throughout her life.

Other Factors And Education

Thuy was the only member of her family to choose acting for a career. Thuy graduated from Banning High School. She was then admitted to the University of California’s Civil Engineering program. After auditioning, she decided to become an actor.


We can conclude that Thuy Trang was the talented actress and star of Thuy Trang died tragically.

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