Tareas De .Com {Feb} Know Fact And Legitimacy Details Here!

Tareas De.com a website with a high trust index that redirects users to unauthentic websites.

Are you interested in importing coloring books and other study materials for your children? The way children can access apps has changed dramatically thanks to mobile apps. TareasDe.com is a popular website from Peru and Mexico. It’s also available in Colombia.

Are you familiarized with TareasDe’s services? Is TareasDe a legitimate website? Let’s look at Tareas De.com.


TareasDe is a website that allows users to import modified (MOD) applications and games. It has been around since many years. It also provides educational information and a knowledge base. Tareas De contains links to over 250 video games and apps.

TareasDe was founded with the mission of helping users solve mathematical problems using its apps. There are a few apps that deal with maths, but most apps are focused on tutorials.

The game includes many knowledge-based and geographic applications. These applications mostly relate to App para Hacer Tareas (homework application) and children.

TareasDe redirects users at victorraulrrr.info and apkavi.com to import.apk files into Android apps or games. TareasDe doesn’t support apps related to mobile apps like iOS and Windows mobile OS.

Victorraulrr.info and apkavi.com both provided.apk files in.zip formats that could easily be imported as a single file.

TareasDe.com features:

TareasDe.com was founded in Denver, Colorado on 29 April 2017. It has been online for five years, nine months and thirteen days. TareasDe was last updated on 28-04-2022. This is a sign of business continuity. Tareasde.Com expires in 2 months and 20 calendar days on 29 April 2023.

TareasDe paid Domain Protection Services Inc to protect its owners’ identities, contact information. TareasDe failed to mention its terms, usage, cookies policy, or contact information for customer service.

TareasDe.com can be trusted

TareasDe.com does not sell products or services, so returns, exchanges, and refunds are not possible. TareasDe.com has an 100% trust score. TareasDe.com was also awarded a 64.9% business ranking, which is above average because payments are not permitted.

Tareas de Punto Com has a meagre 16% suspicion score due to its age. Tareas de Punto Com has been removed from the blacklist. TareasDe’s domain authority is low at 14/100, and the site has low visitor counts. It also has a zero Alexa rank. TareasDe uses secure HTTPS protocol. A Domain Validated SSL Certificate protects IP It will last 56 days.

TareasDe.com Reviews:

TareasDe does not allow customers to blog or post reviews on its platform. It has more than 16K Facebook fans. Three Facebook reviews rated TareasDe 5-stars. TareasDe received positive YouTube comments. TareasDe wasn’t reviewed on any review site or anywhere else on the Internet.

Endig line:

TareasDe has high business scores and is trusted. However, game developers have to refuse permission to TareasDe to access or link to any of their files. Apkavi.com, victorraulrr.info both have low trust scores. Imported files may contain malware or security threats that could pose security risks for users’ PII, payment data, and devices. TareasDe.com cannot therefore be trusted.

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