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This article provides details about Tania Nicole McGowan case. Tania Nicole McGowan case . It also informs readers about false information.

What mother could have the responsibility for his child’s suicide? Everybody is in shock across United States and other countries is shocked and angry learn about that the Tania Nicole case that is trending across websites, i.e., the story is linked to the infant’s death.

In this article, you’ll be aware of the entire Tania Nicole McGowan case as well as other details.

Who is Tania McGowan?

Tania McGowan is a 23-year old woman living in Jacksonville. The mother of one was granted custody of her child when her father’s baby relocated to Texas in the month of October 2022. Within a short time the baby lost his life due to her carelessness.

In the course of their investigation, police also analyzed McGowan’s cell phone. The photos found on the phone showed an unwell infant slowly changing from a healthy child to malnourished.

To defend herself, the 23 year old said she observed the baby slimming down, but she believed the child was increasing in length. Police arrested her and accused her of neglecting children and placed her on $500,003 bond in connection with child abuse, as well as a bond of $1 million in child neglect.

What’s the reason this Tania Nicole case being discussed?

The week before, Tania Nicole was taken into custody after it was found out that she had beaten her son, and then put him on a diet to die. The child is five months old. infantand the entire population of America is furious. United States is furious, being aware that a mother has beaten her child to death.

Surveillance video goes viral On Reddit- What is there on the screen?

There is a surveillance footage that shows that Tania is kicking her child. The police took the appropriate step and detained Tania Nicole. After contacting 911, they arrived at the scene and took the child for treatment at UF health.

On the 11th of December the boy was declared dead and the medical personnel who examined the boy contacted the police due to the marks on his body. According to the medical examiner, the infant was dehydrated, as well, since it was not able to digest food or liquid in his stomach.

What happens next?

The news has been posted available on Twitter as the police investigate the scene when they went into Tania Nicole’s home. The house was empty since there was no furniture.

There were two infant formula bottles and Nicole was able to tell the police her story. According to Nicole’s testimony that the baby was asleep in the night, and she did not check on her over the next 3 hours, thinking that the baby was asleep.

The baby is what happens?

The majority of the support comes from social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and others, where people aren’t happy with every scenario. The police speak with the residents in the complex and one of them says to the police that they heard a clanging sound coming from the common space.

The police then inspected the surveillance footage, where they could see Tania McGowan assaulting the child before manipulating the child’s neck using the force.

Is the video accessible online?

Unfortunately, there’s no video that is available on any platform such as YouTube as well as Twitter. According to the investigation of the police the video is troubling, and therefore they are keeping the video secret until they present it the judge.

Everybody on social media isn’t satisfied with the actions Tania has done to her infant Everyone wants to take tough punishments for the crime.

Final Thoughts:

The entire incident shocked the entire world, as it’s hard to imagine the things Tania Nicole has done to her child. However police were able to perform their job and arrested her based on surveillance footage that was taken from the home.

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