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Shanquella Robinson, a 25-year-old North Carolina businesswoman, model and social media personality, was well-known. Shanquella Robinson is well-known for her hair braiding business. Exquisite Babie was her baby brand. She recently died in mysterious circumstances. It is well-known that Shanquella was attacked by her friend. This webpage contains more information about her.

Biography of Shanquella Robinson

  • Name: Shanquella Robinson
  • Age: 25
  • Death Date: 11 November
  • American Nationality
  • Mother Name: Salamondra Robinson
  • Father Name: Bernard Robinson
  • Sister: Quilla Long
  • Education: Graduation
  • Profession: Businesswomen
  • Height: 5’3″
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Net worth: Estimated  $700K

Shanquella Robinson Net Worth

Shanquella Robinson was a well-known businesswoman. As a woman who had lived a comfortable lifestyle, she ran a clothing company and was very successful. Her business was a huge success. We can see that her Instagram posts and photos show that she buys luxury items. She also had a large collection of handbags from prestigious brands. She used to travel to great places, such as California and Atlanta. Before her death, her net worth was approximately $550 million.

Cause Of Shanquella Robinson

Shanquella Robinson, a North Carolina businesswoman, went to Cabo, Mexico to celebrate the birthday of a friend. She was found dead 24 hours after arriving with the group. Her parents initially believed she had died from alcohol intoxication. After the reports were made, it was discovered that she had suffered a fractured neck and a cracked spine. Shanquella Robinson’s video in which she was brutally beaten by a woman went viral on social media. His friends captured it. Before she died, she was repeatedly beaten and brutally assaulted by the woman.

After the incident, Shanquella’s parents contacted the FBI to inquire about the sudden death in Mexico of their daughter. Salamandra said that her daughter suffered a fractured neck and that her spine was cracked in the back. Salamandra stated that her daughter’s face was swelling, had a knot in her neck, and her eyes were swollen. Pictures of her were also sent to her family showing her split lips.

Shanquella ‘s Career

Her Instagram account had nearly 46.5 million followers. She was a model. She did her modeling at famous locations, including places such as Miami, Las Vegas and Jamaica.

She was a successful businesswoman. She was a successful businesswoman.


Shanquella’s remains were brought back to Charlotte, and a funeral was held for her on Saturday. Shanquella’s net worth was estimated at $700,000. Click here to find out more Shanquella Robinson.

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