Sacred Heart Institute Scam {jan} Find Out Details Here!

It appears that the Sacred Heart Institute Scam spread like a wildfire across the US. Read the post today to stay away from this fraud.

Are you an upcoming nursing aspirant? Do you think you would be interested in the option in order to complete this degree by taking an expedited route? If the answer is yes or no, you need to be aware of the recent fraud in the Sacred Heart Institute.

The Sacred Heart Institute Scam scammed a lot of aspirants from America. United States aiming to acquire an nursing license. They were lured into obtaining an education through a trick which ruined their prospects. We will look at the scam’s details below.

Find out more about Scam.

Recently, the awe-inspiring federal jury indicted the defendants with selling seven thousand six hundred fake nursing diplomas to a few nurse schools located in Florida.

This idea was formulated by officials on Wednesday, the 25th January 2023 in a gathering with news channels from all over the world. Sacred Heart International Institute is one of the schools that offer diplomas with transcripts that are licensed for nurses.

This scam was designed illegally in order to earn a diploma in nursing degree/license and to secure genuine employment. 25 people took part in this scam that was illegal to obtain short-cut licenses and job opportunities.

A result of the fraud

The distribution of fraudulent certifications across 7600 nursing professionals who earned fake credentials and credit cards with fake nursing diplomas. The diploma issued by Sacred Heart Institute Scam qualifies those who have succeeded in passing the national nursing board exam.

While this is a good precaution however, proper instruction and understanding is essential from the relevant institutions. This accreditation has raised questions about the authenticity of every nursing diploma owner.

As of now, 25 individuals have been arrested and are currently under investigation. The prosecution claims that every defendant in this fraud will be in prison for a minimum of twenty years.

Information About Sacred Heart International Institute

The Sacred Heart international institute is located in Florida and is recognized through the CCNE (Commission of Collegiate Nurse Education). It was granted an accreditation through the Florida Board of nursing.

The institute has a program specifically designed for nurses who are aspiring which will make it easier to gain opportunities as practical nurses on the market. These programs include master’s degrees of nursing Doctorate in nursing and Baccalaureate degree programs.


A sacred Heart institution fraud was exposed during a news conference held by the federal government. In the wake of this discovery the nurses who were able to get out of the institute are now on the radar. What steps is needed to take against these nurses who have been committing fraud? Let us know via the comment section below.

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