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Today’s Roman Tomasz Kosowski article shares information about the abduction and possible death of a missing lawyer.

Is there any charge for the plastic surgeon Is Tomaz Kosowski detained? What are the charges against the surgeon in relation to the lawyer? People from America and other countries were recently concerned about the actions of Tomasz Kosowski towards the lawyer in a press release.

His arrest made social media a big deal. People are now wondering if he kidnapped the lawyer or where the lawyer is. This guide will provide additional information about Roman Tomasz Kosowski and the connection he has with the missing lawyer.

When was Steven Cozzi’s last sighting?

Steven Cozzi disappeared on Tuesday, March 21st 2023 after he was last seen. His disappearance is being investigated. Three days later, Steven disappeared from the scene.

Is Tomasz Kosowski arrested?

Largo police made a statement about Tomasz Ksowski (44), who was taken into custody in connection to the kidnapping of Steven Cozzi. Steven Cozzi is a Pinellas County lawyer with Blanchard Law.

Largo police received a request to assist with a missing person on Tuesday. March 21, 2023

According to police, Steven Cozzi had left behind his keys, wallet and mobile phone at his workplace at 1501 S. Belcher Road. Steven left his car behind, but he did not appear to be leaving the premises.

Who is Tomasz Kosowski and what are his connections to Steven Cozzi

Steven was identified in a Pinellas County court case as an attorney. The lawsuit was filed by Tomasz Kosowski in 2019.

Tomasz filed suit against Dunedin Surgical Consultants, LLC, a second medical group, two doctors, and an employee who manages insurance billing.

He claimed they had hired an insurance biller who had handled at least two incorrectly filed insurance claims.

Kosowski filed petitions to the insurance biller to show evidence that Steven’s mom disappeared. They claimed they had previously been hesitant to answer questions.

What was the result of the investigation?

Officers and statements made by Lis Twitter users indicated that there were small blood drops and strong chemicals in the men’s bathroom during the probe. A forensics analysis revealed that there was a significant amount of blood in the same bathroom.

Detectives from the Largo Police department began looking for a suspicious person and a car that was spotted at the office building concurrently with Steven. People are sharing information about the disappearance of a lawyer on social media to find out more about the suspect.

Quick Wiki by Dr. Tomasz Rome Kosowski

  • Real name- Tomasz Roman Kosowski
  • Age – 44
  • Profession: Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery Specialist in Atlanta, GA.

The Last Statement

Roman Kosowski (a plastic surgeon) was detained recently in connection to the missing case Steven Cozzi. Authorities stated that they have evidence that Tomasz murdered Steven even though Steven’s body has not been found.

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