Rebuild Rescue Scam {Jan} What Information Is Available on YouTube? Know Vital Facts Here!

This article clarifies the key details about the cost of Rebuild Rescue Scam. Learn the inside scoop to get more clarity.

Are you active in exploring varied YouTube channels? What kinds of content are interesting to you the most? Do the idea of restoring and reviving old planes appeal to you? If so, you’d have visited a well-known YouTube channel called Rebuild Rescue.

The channel has gained huge popularity in United States. However there are many viewers who have reported some shocking facts about this channel. Rebuild Rescue Scam. Are the scams real? It is important to investigate this issue and gather the necessary information. Let’s read the article below to uncover the truth.

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Be aware of Rebuild Rescue channel.

Rebuild Rescue is the channel which launched in the year 2016. The owner for the network, Jason Morrison, rescues items that are old and abandoned to make them new items.

As of now this point, this Rebuild Rescue YouTube channel accumulated approximately 627K subscribers and 50,468,799 viewers with the efforts of all its members. The channel is growing in popularity since the series began one year ago.

The series was about the renovation of the 1969 Cessna 401 A. He said he discovered the aircraft left abandoned at the airport. To restore it aircraft, he contacted his fans to donate money to the account. Gofundme account. This was called a Rebuild Rescue Scam.

The Rebuild Owner About

The person who owns Rebuild Rescue is Jason Morrison. Find the contact information below.

  • Jason Morrison’s Name Jason Morrison
  • Date of birth: Not found
  • Profession: American YouTuber
  • Marital status Married
  • Wife: Not revealed
  • Children: Not revealed
  • Nationality: American
  • Net worth 1 million dollars

What is the scam that has been portrayed in the Rebuild Rescue channel?

Rebuild Rescue channel owner Jason Morrison was accused of swindling his viewers in the past. It’s because, on the channel’s YouTube page, he raised $200K to repair a Cessna 401 aircraft. A lot of his viewers were stunned to learn of this money raised from the people.

A few Reddit users have begun charging scam cases of abducting and lure people with his refurbished planes which aren’t easy to locate.

Jason obtained this cash through the Rebuild Gofundme account for Rescue. Jason claims that he will rebuild the aircraft that was abandoned using this cash for a cause that is charitable.

A lot of viewers don’t believe that, and consider the claim as a sham against the viewers. This is why people would like to investigate the real-world implications that this is a channel.


Rebuild Rescue uploaded a series that features them restoring an old 1969 Cessna 401A aircraft. The idea is to request viewers to contribute to the project through a Gofundme account. The viewers began to accuse him of being fraud by stealing funds from innocent people.

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