Quebec Police Death {Mar} Read His Full Details Here!

This Quebec Police Death article details the cause of death for the veteran police officer. This article contains some details about the officer.

Is there a lot of police officers who have been killed in this type of situation? Do you know of any police officers who were killed in such a scenario? The victim was a Quebec police officer. Is this the name of this officer?

Violent protests were held in Canada, France and the United States after the deaths of police officers. Quebec Police Death has sparked fury from the angry public. Police deaths never stop. The safety and well-being for the public is a concern.

Quebec Police Officer Died, How Did She Get There?

Maureen Breau (a female officer in police) was attacked and killed. She was stabbed by a suspect in Louisville near Trois Rivières. According to police, the suspect was to be arrested at his home.

Sgt. Sgt. It occurred at 8:30 PM on March 27, 2023.

Radio Canada sources confirmed that Isaac Brouillard Lessard had been a suspect in this incident. Two additional officers arrived on the scene to shoot him dead.

More information on Maureen Breau’s Obituary

Maureen Breau was killed Monday at 8:30pm. Her family has not released details about her obituary. People want to know more about it in order to express their deepest condolences to her and respect for her services.

Maureen Breau Familie

We know that many readers are looking for Maureen Breau’s family details. Our research began with searching for the right sources, and we continued to deepen our research. We had no information about her parents, or any other details. Many people felt that the loss was hard. The funeral information is not public.

Is Maureen Breau married?

Sergent Maureen Breau, a veteran of police department. Patrice Cardinal, a chief inspector, says she was married to a provincial officer. We couldn’t locate her husband’s identity.

The Police won’t reveal her personal details. We spent more time researching Maureen Breau Wiki.

Maureen Breau’s Personal Information:

  • Full name: Sergeant. Maureen Breau
  • Age: In the early 40s
  • Birth date: Unknown
  • Profession: SQ Officer
  • Service: 20 Years
  • Married: Yes
  • Children: Two
  • Nationality: Canadian 

Many personal details about Maureen Breau are not accessible online. We will be updating it soon. Please keep in touch with us as long as possible. The witness revealed important details about Officer’s death. Further investigation was supported by the witness.


The death of the Quebec Police shocked many people. Many people are concerned about their safety and discouraged. It is a terrible tragedy to lose Maureen Breau.

What will you say about this loss, and what are your thoughts? Please leave a comment.

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