Qsuper Class Action Scam {April} Read Complete Data Here!

Do you belong to their Qsuper Class Action Scam? This article will provide you with all the information necessary to understand this lawsuit.

Shine Lawyers filed a class-action lawsuit recently alleging that Qsuper had overcharged members for premiums on life insurance. According to this claim, Qsuper required customers to pay an extra fee to cover penalties issued by the courts. This led them to accuse Qsuper of overcharging its members and sparking accusations of an imminent Qsuper fraud.

Qsuper, however, is not a fraud. Qsuper is a Queensland Superannuation Superfund that has been operating since 1912 and is part of Australia Retirement Trust. Its rating agency ACREF gives it a 15-year Platinum rating.

Shine Lawyers Provide Details on Their Qsuper Class-Action Case

Shine Lawyers found that Qsuper overcharged Tommy Lam for the insurance policies he bought from them. This was according to the Financial Complaints Authority of Australia’s Regional Region. They classified him as a blue-collar employee, despite the fact that he was a specialist in his field. He should have qualified for lowered premiums.

Qsuper has been questioned by many individuals. However, it is not a scam. Shine Lawyers Qsuper Class Action could help draw attention to recent changes under section 56, which do not allow savings of members to cover penalties.

Qsuper Accused of Overcharging for Life Insurance Premiums

There was a raging debate after an insurance company was accused overcharging premium amounts. The argument was that the company intentionally overcharged customers in order to steal their money. It is important to remember that any overcharges were likely due to an oversight, and not part of a grand scheme by the insurance company.

How to join the QSuper class action scam

For one to be eligible for the Qsuper Class Action they must have an accumulation account with a fund that is qualified for standard or professional rates. They must also have received money after 1 July 2016, as per provisions of the Family Law Act. This class action suit is open to those who meet these criteria and have received transfers from fund members in accordance with the Family Law Act.


Qsuper is a retirement fund that has been available to Australians for many years. Shine Attorneys filed a class-action lawsuit after recent allegations of overcharging. Qsuper was not a fraud; the overcharges that occurred were simply a mistake.

If you’re a Qsuper-member and are interested in participating in the class action suit, you must meet the requirements listed above. If there are any problems with your pension, it is best to contact Qsuper so that they can fix them.

This article should have provided you with all the necessary information regarding Qsuper Class Action scam.

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