Project Beam Blue Reddit {Feb} What’s Project Blue Beam? Check Full Details Now!

This article discusses the Project Beam Blue Reddit controversy. It also reveals more information about the Beam Blue Project.

What is the Blue Beam Project? Is the Blue Beam project active? How did the Project begin? What is the Conspiracy Theory of the Blue Beam Project and how did it start? After sightings in UFO’s Canada and the United States, this theory has become a worldwide phenomenon. Are you familiar with the theory and where it stands today? This Project Beam Blue Reddit article explains the organization theory and much more.

What is Project Blue Beam?

Project Beam Blue was a conspiracy theory that NASA and other secret government agencies posited in the 1980s and 1990s. This theory was intended to establish a New Age religion. The leader of the New World Order, the Antichrist, also starts this. It is primarily focused on the simulated technology of a second Coming through Holograms.

Sources indicate that Serge Monast, a journalist, first made the claims in 1994 and published them later in his book.

Project Beam Blue

The Blue beam Project is a popular conspiracy theory that has gone viral on Reddit, and other social media. Internet users have asked for the Project to be activated again in order to save humanity from an alien invasion. This conspiracy theory was supposedly intuitive in French. This topic is a hot topic on social media for conspiracy minded people, according to the Blue Beam Project. In the last few years, conspiracy theory has gained a lot of popularity on social media.

Project Blue Beam 2023

Social media has been abuzz with the conspiracy theory that project BeamBlue is real. The sightings of UFOs in the skies of the USA, China, and other countries led to the idea. An unknown object shot down the USA warplane on Saturday 11 February 2023.

In a joint operation, the UFO was found in neighboring countries. This marked the end of their struggle since the brutal takedown. Because of the Chinese spy balloon, they suspected China. For more information about conspiracy theories, continue reading.

Project Beam Blue Reddit

Serge Monast, a journalist, wrote Project Blue Beam- (NASA) in his book. Monast was supported by a conspiracy theory. Another journalist unnamed. In 1996, both journalists died from heart attacks. According to sources, Monast was abducted by the Canadian in order to stop him from studying Blue Beam Project.

The propagation of the theory

This conspiracy theory is very popular online. Numerous websites are dedicated to this topic and have released videos explaining it. Monast, a journalist, addressed the topic in the 1990s. You can find the transcription lecture online. Find out more about the Project Beam Blue Reddit controversy.

About the Project Beam Blue Book

The journalist will not be re-released by the current publisher after the publication of his script. Monast wrote a three-page theory and it was in French.

End of line:

This is a joint NASA/UN project. They used advanced technology to spread a new religion across the planet. You can see more technical details about the Blue Beam Project by clicking this link.

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