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This research on Pittsburgh Zoo Painted Dogs will provide readers with updates about Maddox Derkosh’s passing. You can find all updates here.

Do you recall the 2012 attack at Pittsburgh Zoo? A two-year-old boy was attacked by painted dogs at Pittsburgh Zoo. The world was shocked by the incident. Nearly every news channel covered the Pittsburgh Zoo Painted Dogs event, including those from the USA and Canada. If you forget the incident, you can still remember it. All details will be shared in this post.

Pittsburgh Zoo: A toddler was attacked and killed by Painted Dogs

Online sources claim that a toddler visited Pittsburgh to view the sights. However, he was turned down by a painted dog at Pittsburgh Zoo on November 4, 2012. Maddox Derkosh was taken to the zoo by his mother. Despite many warnings and signs, the father lifted Maddox Derkosh. The father raised his son after the child fell. The child was attacked by a painted dog. The parents filed a lawsuit against the authorities at the zoo.

Pittsburgh Zoo – African Painted Dogs

The Painted Dogs were kept at the Pittsburgh Zoo as a public exhibit. After an attack and bite by a Painted Dog, authorities took swift action in 2012 and removed all African Painted Dogs. Elizabeth Derkosh filed suit after Jason Derkosh’s son was bitten and attacked by a Painted Dog. Maddox Derkosh was a young boy who was carried by Elizabeth Derkosh to get a better look at the dogs. The painted dog attacked him after he fell.

The child was later captured by the Pittsburgh Zoo Painted Dogs. Authorities tried to save the child, but the dog was killed.

Pittsburgh Zoo Authority Takes Action

They were assured by authorities that all ten dogs would be relocated after the incident. One of the dogs was killed to save the child. The other dogs were not identified. The Pittsburgh Zoo’s African Painted Dogs are one of the most dangerous breeds of dog. To ensure their safety, they even closed down the area where the dogs were kept for five years. Later, they were moved to new areas.


This article summarizes all information regarding the attack on Maddox Daskosh by the Painted Dog. Even though the child couldn’t be saved, the authorities took all necessary precautions to ensure safety.

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