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ECT stands for electroconvulsive therapy.

Electroconvulsive Therapy is used if other treatments fail to improve a patient’s condition.

ECT is a brief stimulation of the mind with electricity. It is often provided by a team of medical professionals that includes a psychiatrist anaesthetized and a physician’s assistant.

What is the effectiveness of Ect Report Summary?

Electroconvulsive Treatment (ECT) has been shown to be a highly effective treatment for certain neurological conditions. This treatment is especially effective when other treatments have failed in severe cases of depression. Using ECT for mood enhancement can improve your overall functioning, reduce suicidal thoughts, and lift up your mood.

Electrical stimulation is believed to alter neurotransmitters and their activity in the brain. ECT is performed under anaesthesia, and closely supervised by medical personnel to reduce the risk of adverse side effects. The treatment is regarded as safe. It is a good option for people who have not found relief from other treatments.

How to get an Overview Ect report Com

  • Evaluation: A thorough assessment is conducted to determine if ECT will be suitable for the patient’s condition and to assess any potential risks or contraindications.
  • Before the surgery, you may need to prepare by stopping certain medications or fasting.
  • Electrode positioning : The electrodes are carefully placed on the scalp to deliver controlled electric currents to the brain.
  • During the treatment, you will sedate your patient. The electrodes are subjected to an electric current which is controlled precisely to cause a short seizure.

Why is electroconvulsive therapy in Thailand a controversial issue?

Ect Report com Overview was the result of a cross sectional study on ECT in Thailand. All 34 hospitals in Thailand offering ECT services were sent a questionnaire. Each hospital’s ECT staff was asked to fill out the questionnaire.

Results of the Survey Conducted in Thailand

In a survey of 34 institutions, schizophrenia was found to be the most common diagnosis (5 958/year), followed closely by bipolar disorder and severe depression. All hospitals used both the brief pulse device and bitemporal ECT electrode implantation. Modified ECT has been widely adopted, and most hospitals use titration to determine the dose.

According to Ect Report com’s overview, thiopentone is the most common anaesthetic. Three times a weekly, 4-6 acute ECT treatments were performed. In many hospitals, ECT was used to maintain and continue treatment. Most common side effects were migraines, cognitive adverse reactions, and myalgia.


In the last two decades, ECT in Thailand has evolved. One of the most noticeable changes is that many patients now receive treatment with modified ECT. The use of pre-treatment investigations is also increasing to reduce side effects and improve the treatment effectiveness.

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