Moist Critical Girlfriend {Mar} Check Her Age, & Net Worth!

This article about Moist Critical Girlfriend reveals the relationship between a social media influencer, and what makes her girlfriend so well-respected.

Critikal is who? Is Critikal married? People from Canada, Australia, Germany and other countries want to know the details of their favorite influencer.

White, also known as CritikaL, started streaming live content on Twitch where he mostly broadcasts video games. Many have been searching for White’s private life, and more specifically his girlfriend. Let’s find out more about Moist Critic Girlfriend in the news post.

Who is Moist Critical’s Girlfriend?

Tiana Tracy was related to Penguinzo, a well-known YouTuber, gamer and social media personality. They post photos and videos to social media on many platforms. Charles White Jr. is a popular Twitch host and YouTuber from America. He’s known as CritikaL.

YouTube’s “penguinzo”, his channel dedicated to funny video games comments, and videos that stand out for their lack of emotion and flat speech, made him a YouTube star. Critikal has received a lot of attention online. His girlfriend is 13.

About Critical’s Girlfriend

Tiana Tracy is a social media celebrity and an Instagram sensation. She received her veterinary training in America. Tracy is well-known for sharing videos and images of her outfits and pets on social networking sites like Instagram.

She is Penguinzo’s girlfriend and is well-known for her gaming and social networking skills, which she has influenced, including YouTube.

Moist Cr1TiKaL – Additional information

Critikal, or White, was born in Tampa, Florida on August 2, 2012. He played high school basketball at Carrollwood Day School. White also had left lung pneumothorax, which was recurring. It had ruptured three more times before he had an operation in 2011.

Cr1Tikal suffered from OCD throughout his childhood. He also indulged in bizarre practices as a result of the condition. Tampa University gave him his undergraduate degree in human sciences.

Critical’s girlfriend:

Tiana Tracy is an American performer. She has Tetra (her dog) and Cayda (her cat). Her net worth is approximately 100k USD. In 2020, she will receive a degree from Community College of Hillsborough. She was previously a veterinarian. She loves red and white, and enjoys going on holidays to Japan.

Tiana Tracy’s social media details:

Tiana shares amazing photos of her pets on her Instagram account. With 521 followers and 28.9k subscribers, she has 476 posts. Tiana’s profile demonstrates her love and admiration of pets. Her profile features Cr1Tikal’s photo with one of her pets, which demonstrates their relationship and bond.

Tiana also has 193 followers and approximately 190k Twitter followers. She joined Twitter in October 2012.

Here’s a quick wiki about Moist Critical’s girlfriend.

  • Real name: Tiana Tracy
  • Birthday: 9th November
  • Birth Place: U.S.
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Profession: Casual photographer, veterinarian
  • Boyfriend: Cr1TiKaL (Charles White)
  • Height: 5 ft. And 5 in
  • Pets: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube:


Tiana Tracy is the girlfriend of Moist Crit. She enjoys singing, dancing, photography, skating and literature. Tiana Tracy’s professional life is not available. Tiana is a veterinarian and sometimes a photographer.

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