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Get all the details about the Lorenzo Steven Wikipedia murder case, and the verdict in the most credible investigation in the United States.

Are you aware of the identity of Lorenzo Steven is and why that he would discuss this on the internet? This is shocking news since Lorenzo Steven is a criminal who is a violent criminal.

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Who Is Steven Lorenzo?

Lorenzo was found guilty of federal charges of drug possession in 2005 , and is currently serving a 200-year federal sentence. He was adamant about his innocence until late this year, when he entered an agreement to a guilty plea, and admitted the killings. He claims that it was just one of the many men who took part in the killings.

What is what do you think of Biography of Lorenzo?

The Tampa Murder case resulted in the conviction of Steven Lorenzo. For the Florida murder case, a double murder, Steven Lorenzo is accused. Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz were killed as was Steven Lorenzo was found guilty of their murders.

On the 24th of February, 2023 Steven Lorenzo was executed in the Tampa murder case and brought him to public’s attention and putting his name on the news.

Lorenzo Steven Murders

Michael Wachholtz and Gay Jason Galehouse were killed, and Steven Lorenzo Story was found guilty of both of the crimes. After twenty years of brutally killed and brutally tortured A double murderer was finally found guilty of his horrific crimes.

After the men were assaulted as well as sedated Florida, Steven Lorenzo was found guilty of the 2003 murders and sentenced to death for Jason’s murders in 2003.

Do you know the details of what Steven Lorenzo did to his victims?

The first day of the federal trial of Lorenzo, Schweickert detailed to the jury all the things the two of them Lorenzo committed towards their victims. Schweickert admitted in court that he along with Lorenzo took them under a sedative, brutalized and murdered Galehouse and Waccholtz Then, they disposed of their bodies. This was during the course of a federal trial, which began on February 7.

What was the Crimes Steven Lorenzo committed?

Steven Lorenzo, a confessed murderer, was sentenced to death-by-lethal injection to die by lethal injection Hillsborough County Judge Christopher Sabella for the two murders he chose to carry out in the year 2003. Lorenzo admitted to seducing, savagely physical abuse, killing and abusing Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz in December of last year.

Quick Wiki of Lorenzo-

  • Real Name: Steven Lorenzo
  • Nick Name: Steven Lorenzo Tampa
  • Date of Birth: 1959 Years
  • Country: Florida, USA
  • Known For: Tampa Murder Case
  • Crime Sexual rapists who recur regularly on gay men and torture

Story of Steven Lorenzo-

The following day, the charges were brought against Steven Lorenzo for drugging, physically assaulting, and brutalizing nine men. The prosecution claims that that in December 2003, Lorenzo as well Scott Schweikert murdered Michael Wachholtz and Jason Galehouse.

However, he hasn’t been accused of murdering the victims. There is a connection between Lorenzo and disappearances of another six gay males from Tampa or Fort Lauderdale is also being investigated by investigators.

What Did Steven Lorenzo Do?

Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz two teenagers who a relationship with Lorenzo at the Tampa nightclub, went missing in 2003. The two were nabbed and tortured sexually, then taken hostage by Lorenzo with the help by his friend Scott Schweicker, according to the evidence.

The Final Statement:

Based on our thorough study, we are able to say that Lorenzo is found guilty during a hearing and was sentenced to 200-years of jail on January 28th in 2006.

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