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Who is Lin Brehmer?

Lin Brehmer, a radio host and disc jockey for Chicago’s WXRT. Born on the 19th of August 1954. From 1991 on, Brehmer has hosted the WXRT morning show.

The year was 1977 when Brehmer made his debut in the radio industry. Lin’s first position being a disc jockey came with WQBK-FM, a station situated in Albany, New York, where he earned the for his title of “The The Reverend Of Rock and Roll.” Brehmer died on the 22nd of January in 2023. On Monday, at 10 am, WXRT will air a tribute to Brehmer’s work and life.

Personal Information of Lin Brehmer

  • Name: Lin Brehmer
  • DOB: 19th August 1954
  • DOD 22 January 2023 (aged 68)
  • Where I was born: New York, New York, U.S.
  • Wife: Sara Farr
  • Professional: WXRT, Chicago
  • Net worth: Around $1-$5 million

She is the wife of Lin Brehmer.

The wife of Lin Brehmer was Sara Farr. Lin came across Sara during their time at Colgate University, and later they were married. According to reports On June 12, 2022 Brehmer declared via radio that he been diagnosed with prostate cancer and planned to leave. Lin is unable to continue with WXRT since he must undergo chemotherapy.

In 2022, in the months of November between November and December came back to the air for several weeks. Brehmer died on the 22nd of January 2023. His closest coworker Terri Hemmert informed viewers at WXRT of his death on the morning following his death. Lin Brehmer was a member of the Chicago Cubs memorialised Lin Brehmer by putting the words “Lin Brehmer, 1954 – 2023” at the Wrigley Field marquee sign on the day of his passing.

Lin’s voice is distinctive and was the perfect start to the day. Rahm presented the Uptown entertainment zone concept on his show as an ally and representative for the music scene in the city. Rahm will have to listen to the music of Lin on WXRT. We wish him a blessed the memory of Lin.” In the past, he was considered to be one of the most beloved names in Chicago radio. Rahm Emanuel, who was the ex-mayor of Chicago tweeted via Twitter as Chicago was the only radio station to have Lin Brehmer as its voice.

Add a few more information regarding Lin Brehmer

Brehmer left his position in the position of music director for WQBK after just seven years. He then moved to Chicago to join WXRT from October 1984 onwards. It is expected that the XRT family will be gathered tomorrow morning at 10 am to remember his life and memory. XRT will support each other through this tough moment. Lin would have liked to do the same.

Lin Brehmer’s net worth:

Lin’s net worth Brehmer is around $1-5 million. The details of Lin’s salary Lin Are under review.


Lin Brehmer, a feature on the Chicago radio waves for decades, and also a presenter for many years on WXRT radio, died from prostate cancer.

He was 68 years old. The loss of Lin Brehmer causes sorrowful hearts of all family and friends. For as long as he was able Lin Brehmer fought cancer. He passed away peacefully this morning in the company of his children and wife. More details About Lin Brehmer.

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