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How Did Thompson Die?

Lawshawn Thompson, a prisoner, was eaten by a bug. Thompson’s lawyer claims that Thompson was in a filthy prison cell, and his life was on the line. He was found dead in prison, on September 13th 2022. According to his family, an investigation into his death has already been conducted. Michael D. Harper said that Thompson was held in custody for a simple misdemeanor battery charge. Thompson has been in custody since June. After his death, Reddit became a viral website.

What was the cell like?

According to various reports, Thompson’s cell was not fit for human habitation. The conditions of his confinement were poor. The cell was a hive of insects and bugs. The cell was covered in dust. Thompson, who was older than 35, suffered from mental issues. Thompson’s cell has been photographed. These photos showed the true environment of the cell, which was disturbing. Thompson’s body was also filthy. Thompson’s family demands justice.

What did you notice in the Pictures?

According to sources, the photos of Thompson’s prison cell show that it was not clean. The cell was a mess. The lawyer stated that Thomson didn’t deserve to be in a cell where an animal couldn’t stay. Thompson’s family also called for justice in the aftermath of Thompson. Images of the cells are also disturbing. Since the images of the cell became viral, people are now talking about it. Several people have criticised the indolence of jail officials. Some have also stated that jail cells must be suitable for inmates. Fulton County jail has been trending ever since Thompson’s death. Thompson died due to poor conditions in the same prison.

Reactions from family members

The death of Thomson saddens the family. His brother was saddened by the news of Thompson’s condition. This affected everyone. This situation has angered even family members. The pictures of Thompson’s prison cell shocked his brother. After spreading the news about Thompson’s death, the Sheriff’s office declared that an investigation was underway. Thompson’s corpse was sent for autopsy. Department approved $500,000 to clean the jail. The authorities have given a priority to removing insects and bugs. Thompson’s agony lasted only three months after his arrest. Many people criticize that the authorities took only necessary steps after his death.


Thompson’s death exposed the filthy prison conditions. Social media spread images of the prison. The jail authorities didn’t sanction any money to clean the jail until Thompson died. Click the link for more information.

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