Lana Faith Johnson Husband {Nov 2022} Why Is She Arrested?

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Who is Lana religion Johnson’s husband or wife?

Victor Consunji is a well-known businessman who has Lana religion Johnson as one of his trusted staff members. Maggie Wilson, Victor’s ex-wife filed a complaint against Lana religion Johnson for stealing cash from their company.

Victor didn’t hear Maggie. Maggie was furious. Victor thought Lana religion Johnson was more important than his spouse. Many of us are interested in Lana religion Johnson’s Age, Relationship Standing and other details during this incident.

We are happy to announce that Lana Religion Johnson has a single standing. She is not married. Unfortunately, we don’t see any relationship between Lana religion Johnson and anyone else. She could be single or in a very serious relationship. But, no one knows the key points of their relationship. Some people spread rumors about her husband.

Lana religion Johnson is active Twitter?

We tried to find Lana religion Johnson’s twitter account, but couldn’t find it. She isn’t active on Instagram. Despite not being active on Instagram, there have been some comments about her dangerous deeds in the Twitter comment section.

Is she being Arrested?

We don’t have any data, but we know that Victor Consunji found Maggie Wilson guilty and brought the case to trial. Maggie Wilson tried to tell Victor all she knew about Lana. Victor believed Lana more than her married partner.

Victor received a tweet from Maggie sharing her intuition. Victor trusted Maggie, despite Maggie trying to protect him.

Quick Wiki:

  • Johnson, Real Name Lana
  • Birth Date Not mentioned
  • Philippines – Birthplace
  • Age 2022 – Thirty Two Years
  • Residence Philippines
  • Education Not mentioned
  • Marital Status Single
  • Filipino status
  • Net value No details found


Lana is not married and there are no details about her arrest. We will publish the data as soon as we receive any updates. You can watch the video of Victor’s and Maggie’s break-up by clicking on the link

It is possible to see it in the news. Please comment.

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