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Read this Kelsey Turner Photos story to find out more about Turner and the sentence she handed down on Tuesday.

The case of murder of a 71-year-old Salinas psychiatrist was a hot topic across the web. Are you aware of Turner who murdered the man who was 71 years old and then stuffed the body inside a car’s back door? Are you aware of specifics of the case? If you aren’t aware of the crime, be sure to check the article to know more about the incident.

The murder case shocked people from Canada and the United States and Canada. The murder occurred in the year 2019. To learn more about the incident, read this Kelsey Turner Photos story.

What’s the story behind Kelsey Turner:

Kelsey Turner the American fashion model biography is searched by people who love her. Here is this biography of Kelsey Turner biography and a many more information.

Kelsey Turner was born on May 19th 1993. Kelsey Turner has gained more recognition, and there are people who look for Kelsey Turner biography. Yes, read Kelsey Turner biography below.

Turner began her modeling career in a swimsuit. She has been featured in a variety of magazines including Players Magazine, Fire and Ice and Model mania.

The magazine One Ten, Conceited and Dream Vixens has Pictures of Turner on their cover. Turner has been in two films which include The Promise in 2011 and Wally Got Wasted in 2018. Turner founded an apparel business with a company named Badd Barbie in 2021.

Turner must celebrate her birthday for the rest of her life in prison. Diana Nicole Pena, a friend of Turner is found guilty in this trial. Pena says she has assisted her, but she is not involved in the murder of Burchard. Police claimed that the motive for the killing was distinctive and that the baseball bat that was used to clean objects that had fingerprints of Kennison and Pena was discovered in the same room where the three were.

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Turner’s Personal Information:

  • Name: Kelsey Nicholas Turner
  • The date of birth was 5th May, 1993
  • Age: 29 years old
  • Type of job: Businesswoman and model.
  • Nationality: American
  • Education; Arkansas State University
  • Birthplace: Norfolk, Virginia

Information regarding Dr.Burchard’s murder investigation:

According to reports, Kelsey Turner has an intimate relationship with 71 year elderly psychotherapist Thomas Kirk Burchard of Salinas. Burchard has paid for medical expenses for Turner who resided alongside her children and parents at Las Vegas. Turner was a fashion model in Maxima as well as Playboy Italia magazines.

According to reports, Turner killed the aged doctor with the assistance of two acquaintances, stuffed the body inside the back door of her car, then abandoned the car in Las Vegas. Turner’s ex-boyfriend Jon Logan Kennison played a significant role in the murder of the psychiatrist.

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What is the verdict made to Turner?

The verdict was made public regarding this case last Tuesday the 11th of January, 2023. In Nevada the court has denied the punishment of the murderers. For Tuner the judge ruled that he could face 10-25 years in jail in California.

Along with Turner along with her boyfriend Kennison received a life sentence imprisonment. Turner requested Alford’s plea to accept the crime. Below are photos of the crime scene as well as two guilty murderers.

Following the verdict, Turner burst into tears in the courtroom, but has not made any statements. It was reported that Clark County police found the vehicle in a ditch on the road that runs between Las Vegas and Lake Mead National Recreation area.


In this article, we’ve informed readers of the recent ruling of the Nevada court regarding Kelsey Turner in the case of psychiatrist Burchard in which Turner along with her lover brutally killed Burchard with a knife. The life-long prison sentence could change those who killed them from the bad path and lead an honest and wholesome life. Here is more information on Kelsey Turner.

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