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Who is Julia Fox?

Julia Fox was born in Milan (Italy).father is American, and her mother is Italian. Fox’s early years were spent with her grandfather.

Six years ago, Julia Fox moved to New York City with her father. They resided within Yorkville, Manhattan. Julia Fox worked several service tasks, including the shoe store as well as Ice cream shops and a bakery shop.

Julia Fox Personal Details?

  • Name: Julia Fox
  • The date of birth: February 2nd in 1990.
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Professions: Model and Actor.
  • Country: America
  • Nationality: Italy
  • Monthly Income $180,000
  • Net Worth $89 Million

The Julia Fox’s Educational & Career Information:

Julia Fox started working right during her high school years. She worked in an outlet for shoes and a bakery shop. Her career began as a model and worked with a variety of magazines and brands. Her next venture was the brand of knitwear she co-founded along with her partner Franziska Fox. She is also a writer and has written two books, The Symptoms of a Relationship That’s Gone The Way and PTSD.

Additionally, she hosted an art exhibition in which she painted silk canvas using her blood. Then she tried her hand in the world of entertainment, and got her first acting gig on the television show Uncut Gems. She was acknowledged for her acting abilities. She has also been the director and writer for the short film Fantasy Girls.

Income Sources

Julia Fox has multiple streams of income that allow her to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. The fashion designer as well as an entrepreneur, who owns an apparel brand that earns significant income. Julia can also be a model and is a model for top brands that give her a good amount of money. She is also an actor and has been a writer and director. All of this can be a lucrative month-to-month source of income.

Julia Fox Net Worth:

Julia Fox Net Worth is $89 million US Dollars. Julia Fox is known for her debut role in the movie Uncut Gems, for which she was nominated for the Breakthrough Actor Award. Julia Fox net worth has increased at a level of 75% in the past few years. Julia Fox owns luxury car brands, including Porsche as well as Tesla. Julia Fox also earns her money through endorsements for brands on Instagram


The actress gained a lot of attention for her romance with Kanye West as well as their New York apartment. The model is for a living and has worked for magazines such as Playboy as well as being the founder of the knitwear label Franziska Fox.

She is also a well-known fashion designer and owner of the well-known knitwear brand Franziska Fox. Julia has also written two books on photography. Check out this link to learn more regarding Julia Fox.

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