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Have you applied to apply for Mali National Identity Card? Do you plan make an application for one within the next days following the attainment of 18? Do you possess an National Identity Card and looking for corrections?

Did you hear about that stated “soon the start of the special correction operation for obtaining your national biometric identity card”? We’ll check whether the website is authentic. Je Validemonnina Com.

What is

There has been no official announcement from Mali regarding registering with to start the process of correcting you National Identity Card. It’s because it is a requirement that the National Identity Card in Mali is only issued to Malians who live abroad through Malian embassies as well as the general consulates overseas.

If you’re a locality, you need to apply to the Office of L’Administration to avail a service. The Malian must present personally in the Identity Card Section at his local police station, sub-prefecture (or) Gendarmerie. You must be at least 18 and over to get an National Identity Card. The required documents include photo on Je Validemonnina Com as well as at your local police station to verify your identity.

The officer at the police station will note the full address, height and also take your fingerprints. After the verification, the National Identity Card will be printed and laminated. At the time of writing, the Mali National Identity Card was not biometric. It also required a lengthy process to apply.

The characteristics of has not started providing any services until now. The landing page states that the process for online applications to make changes to your National Identity Card will begin in the near future on

So far the manual procedure of applying for the National Identity Card, as described earlier, has been in effect. Mali’s government has not issued any notifications. Mali has not issued any notices to go to Je Validemonnina Com to initiate the corrective steps.

Malians living in a foreign nation should visit consulates general (or) Malian embassies abroad and undergo an interview with the Research Directorate for applying and corrections to their National Identity Card.

The Legitimacy of

Twenty-seven days prior on the 7th of December 2022 was officially launched and registered in France. Jevalidemonnina’s registration will expire in 11 months and 3 days on December 7, 2023. received a terrible trust score of 1 and a zero Alexa along with a Domain Authority score. was identified as a potential source of spam. It utilized an unsecure HTTP connection. This IP of Je Validemonnina Comp was not equipped with SSL certification!

The identity and contact details of the Jevalidemonnina’s owner are not disclosed. Additionally, no customer service contact details and terms of service privacy, or cookies policies were posted on So, it’s unclear whether the site is associated to or a part of the Mali government.

Conclusion: is a fraud, If the Government of Mali compensates it. It is uses an unsecured HTTP protocol, its IP has no SSL certification, It is registered in France. was recognized as a source of spam. It has a low trust score as well as a very short time to live. has nil Alexa and Domain score.

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