Is Sundaicex Scam or Legit {Dec} Find Authentic Reviews!

Is Sundaicex Scam or Legit? We have provided some reliable information about the Sundaicex store. Please go through this article so that you know if it is secure.

Are you a fan of purchasing smart watches, as well as other electronic products? If you’re interested in shopping on Sundaicex’s website. it is important to be aware whether Sundaicex is a Scam or Legit? Many customers are looking for reliable information about  Sundaicex store. To help customers, we’ve included all the information about authenticity in this article.

What is offering Sundaicex Website!

Sundaicex Store sells a wide range of electronic items. Their products are within the budget-friendly category to ensure that everyone can afford their goods. Examples include Bluetooth Smartwatch, Multilayer Flower Pot, Solar Patio Umbrella, Home Theater LCD Projector & other.

Important Information About Sundaicex com Website:

  • Website Name: Sundaicex
  • Website URL:
  • Email Id:
  • Address Information: The Company’s address is missing , while Return Address is readily available.
  • Contact Number: +86-173-232-31270
  • Social Media: Note Available
  • Payment mode: Visa, American Express, JCB, PayPal, MasterCard, etc.
  • Shipping Policy: Shipping Policy sections provide the details of the return policy.
  • Return Policy: You can request a return in 15 days. In the FAQs, it was revealed that express shipment can be completed within 5 10 days.

These Points Will Prove That Sundaicex Website Is Legit or a Scam:

  • Website The date of creation: November 3 2022. It is also the date that the shop was discovered. Sundaicex shop. The continuation is not as good.
  • Expiry Date Expiry Date: Sundaicex store will close on the 3rd of November, 2023.
  • Trust Index Score: This online shopping platform cannot be trusting as it has 1 percent of trust.
  • Reviews of Purchasers: There’s none of the Sundaicex Reviews available on the online platforms. Sundaicex’s official store is not a source of reviews from customers.
  • Social Media: We’ve no accounts found on social media sites such as Facebook as well as Instagram.
  • Incorrect Information: The address of the company is not available, but an address to return is displayed.


  1. legitimate SSL certificate. To guarantee customer security, HTTPS is available.
  2. For customers, it offers all of the readily available and current policies.
  3. Contact information for the company’s email address and number are both available.


  1. The website has unfavourable ratings on other websites;
  2. This website’s low trust rating of 1/100 raises doubts about its reliability.
  3. There is no social media connection available.
  4. The details of the company are included in the Contact Us section, which is copied from a different website.
  5. The Domain name is fresh, having been registered on the 3rd November 2022. The domain expires on 3rd November 2022. This can cause trust issues.

Sundaicex Reviews

Sundaicex Store is an internet retailer, but it is not recommended to be able to trust any site that we visit at random. We should instead look for legitimate elements such as reviews. We’ve not found any reviews from customers on the official site that is owned by Sundaicex store. We have also checked websites to find customer reviews. Review platforms on the internet have no reviews from customers. We have verified accounts on social media sites online such as Instagram along with Facebook. This indicates that the web site isn’t trustworthy. You can look for alternative options to shop for electronic items. So, Is Sundaicex Scam or Legit? Do not put all your trust in these websites. Take a look at some methods to keep your accounts from being compromised with Credit Card Scammers.

Is This Site Legit? could be a fraudulent website, according to me. This website doesn’t recommend purchasing online. This online store does not appear to be reliable.


In the conclusion of this article we can see that the website was established around a month and twenty-five days in the past. One percent of trust suggests the site is not a trustworthy site. It is best to avoid buying from this website. Buyers must take a look at some useful ways to stay clear of PayPal scamming.

What are your thoughts on what you think of the Sundaicex Store? Please leave your comments below with your ideas.

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