Is Redmartina Scam or Legit {Feb} Check Full Reviews Here!

Is Redmartina Scam or Legit? This post will provide you with all the information you need to know about Redmartina’s legitimacy.

Are you looking for comfortable chairs to use at home or in the office? You can browse the Redmartina shops in India and find the best selection, but only after verifying its legitimacy. So Is Redmartina Scam or Legit? Many buyers online try to check the authenticity updates at Redmartina. The buyers will be able to decide if the shop they are interested in is safe after evaluating each component.

What is Redmartina Shop?

Redmartina specializes in a variety of chairs that are suitable for the home, office, and garden. They offer many great discounts and comfortable chairs.

  • Leather Massage Chair
  • Office Chair with Leg Rest
  • Recliner for 3
  • Recliner for 1
  • Gaming Chair
  • Gaming Chair (Foot Rest)

Specifications as determined by Is Redmartina Scam or Legit!

  • URL:
  • Email ID:
  • Company’s Address: Plot no.39-45 Mumbai just stop st John Road Bandra Maharashtra 400050 West Pali Hill
  • Telephone number: Unavailable
  • Reviews: There are no reliable reviews about the collection.
  • We could not locate any return policy for the layout.
  • Payment Options: There are no payment options.
  • Shipping Policy: There is no shipping policy. They offer free shipping to India.

Learn The Redmartina Shop’s Permissibility!

  • Index of Trust: This site has a trust index of 58.7/100. The trust index for the site is not high enough to be trusted completely.
  • Creation Date: The creation date for the Redmartina shop was August 27, 2022. Five and a quarter months ago, the site was registered.
  • Phishing Count: We detected a low phishing count at 27/100.
  • Spam Count: We found a 22/100 spam count.
  • Review by the Purchaser: There are no Redmartina Shop Reviews. Redmartina also doesn’t have any feedback.
  • Social Media Networks: The Redmartina shop did not have any social media accounts. It seems like a lonely shop.
  • Missing facts: The phone number is not available.
  • Data Privacy: Redmartina portal details are protected via an HTTPS connection.


  • Both the email address and company address can be found here.


  • Social media accounts are not working.
  • The website and online sites do not contain authentic reviews.
  • There is no customer service policy.

Redmartina Shop Reviews

We found some unusual details on the Redmartina website that could help you make the right decision. Our team went through all the reviews from different online sites and did an extensive analysis. We were disappointed as no online review site shared any relevant reviews. Redmartina has a variety of chair collections but no reviews. We have also explored social media platforms to find any account. There are no accounts available on any platform. Shopify’s social media accounts are linked from the social media icons found on this site. You shouldn’t take these things for granted. Is Redmartina scam or legit? This question was answered with a no. To ensure the safety of your money from PayPal Scammers, we have added certain facts.


This concludes this post. We have learned that Redmartina was established approximately five and a quarter months ago. The trust index was not very good. This site is not recommended to be relied upon 100%. You need to ensure that your bank account is safe from Credit Card Scammers. If you are looking for more information on Chair, please visit this page.

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