Is Conaco Scam or Legit {Nov 2022} Get More Reviews Here!

Is Conaco Scam or Legit? This post contains information about the legality of the Cokano shop. Please read the entire article.

Are you looking for amazing solar lamps online? You should check out the Cokano Store USA collection if you answered yes. Check Is Cokano Scam before purchasing anything? Without knowing the lawfulness of the store, it is impossible to justify its existenceWe have provided some helpful details regarding its legality. These are important details.

Learn More About The Permissibility of Cokano

  • Trust Factor: Cokano Store received a 2 percent trust score. It is clear that this site is not trustworthy after such a low rate was evaluated.
  • The Cokano Store will be found on October 8, 2022. The life expectancy is limited because it was only identified two and a half months ago.
  • Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd., doing business as HiChi.
  • Expiry Date: October 8, 20,23 is the expiration date for the Cokano store.
  • Reaction of the Purchaser: There are no Cokano reviews on any online review site or on the official Cokano website.
  • Missing Information: They did not provide a phone number.
  • Social Accounts: Cokano is not available on social media networks such as YouTube or Facebook.
  • Data Security: Cokano stores have a secure connection that protects information via HTTPS.

Overview of Cokano Store

Solar-powered lighting products were available at Cokano outlets. They all rely on solar energy, thus they can all help you lower your electric bill. Additionally, they offer fantastic things for kids.

  • Hooks made of stainless steel
  • Solar Lights
  • Chart showing children’s height growth
  • LED solar lights
  • Strawberry solar lighthouse

Specifications of Is Cokano Scam?

  • URL:
  • Email address:
  • Phone number: It is not found
  • Address details: Nottingham, NG12 4DG, Wheatcroft Company Landmere Lane, Wheatcroft House in England.
  • • Customers did not indicate interest in the Cokano official website collection or the online store.
  • Within 14 days, all returns must be made.
  • Shipping Guidelines: Typically, deliveries take between 10 and 25 business days.
  • Payment Options: Visa and Discover, Maestro. JCB. American Express.

Positive Points

  • The shop has given the address and email details.

Negative points

  • The customer has not viewed their collection online or on the company’s official website.
  • There is no social media presence for the Cokano store.

Cokano Reviews

Cokano only sells solar lights and a few things for kids. Their products have not been reviewed online. Their products are not well-known online. We checked at their official website but couldn’t find any client testimonials. Cokano does not have any social media accounts, thus their website has not been rated there. This demonstrates that the shop is lacking in essential valuable components. We will not recommend this store to anyone online and we suggest that you wait for more reviews. So is Cokano a scam or legit? These details have clarified the question. You can find more information about Credit Card Scamming at.


In conclusion, this post has detailed information about the Cokano store. It has a one and a half month life expectancy. The trust score is only 2% and we cannot recommend this store. The customers can study about Solar Lamps on numerous websites online. Additionally, we suggest that readers read some insightful tips to prevent PayPal scams.

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