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Check out the article below, which will let you decide, Is Scam or Legit by reading reviews from customers as well as the most important details here.

Hey fashion-conscious people! Are you searching for the perfect match of wedding attire for this season? Are you in India and you are unsure of the best match for you? Do not worry, we’re here to inform you of the most popular site,

This site offers a vast selection of options and is credited with it is able to provide the finest quality clothes at affordable cost. But, simultaneously, a question arises! Is this a genuine platform? Don’t waste time. Get all the details and review customer reviews to determine: Is Scam or Legit?

Know about “” Web Site!

The website offers the largest selection of trendy and trendy dresses for women. They are committed to making women’s love for fashion into a lucrative business. The website appears to fall within the Aurelia brand since it points toward it while you click on any item.

This diverse or interconnected factor between the two raises the question whether reviews Scam or Legit? Look through the following specifications to see if all information is provided!


  • Website name: Biiba
  • Website Url:
  • Email ID: support@biiba.i
  • Telephone number: (+91) 8401 80662
  • Company Address: Biiba Store, Aagam Vivianna, Opposite Phoenix Tower, Near Rajhans Cinema Vesu Surat Gujarat 395007 India.
  • Payment options: VISA, Skrill, Payoneer and PayPal.
  • Shipping and Delivery Information For orders made in the United States The total amount of time required will be 5-7 working days.
  • Return and Refund Policy The return policy is valid until 30 days.

Check Legitimacy Factors!

  • Date of registration for domain: This domain was registered over six months ago on May 2, 2022.
  • Domain expiry date Not detected by the genuine review portal.
  • Blacklist Status None of the blacklist engines can detect it. blacklist engine.
  • Links to social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter hyperlinks are in place, however they are not specifically for the brand Aurelia.
  • Malware & Threat profiles: This site has scored 42 points in each section which is a red signal. Owner’s ID The owner’s information is not being retrieved by WHOIS services.
  • Phishing score: It has been given a rank of 35 and signifies the presence of a red alert.
  • Trust Index: the score obtained by this domain has been calculated as average i.e., 48.1 percent.
  • Spam score: this website has gained 19 points which is not a positive indication.
  • Reviews Reviews: It does not provide authentic feedback.
  • Proximity to suspicious websites It has been awarded 18 points in recognition of it.
  • The number indicates low popularity, 1222741.
  • HTTPS security Valid HTTPS connection is detected.
  • A Trust Score of 50%: The company has earned an average score of 50%..

Positive Aspect?

  • An active HTTPS connection is detected.
  • There is no blacklisting engine that has been able to detect this website.
  • Official addresses, emails address as well as the phone number are listed on the site of the organization.
  • There is a 30-day return policy.

Positive Points Of This Website?

  • It isn’t populated with authentic reviews from customers.
  • The social media sites provide a distinct brand.
  • WHOIS services cannot find the owner’s contact information.
  • Any score that is negative indicates an alarm for shoppers.
  • It is apparent that the WhatsApp link is there and it shows the wrong link.

Customer Reviews:

Reviews from customers are essential to verify the legitimacy of any domain online. However, the official website isn’t able to provide reviews from current customers. In addition, social media hyperlinks are directing users to Aurelia’s official media profile. Unfortunately, the reviews of customers are not found by external review sites. Furthermore it is possible to get some safety strategies to avoid PayPal frauds by visiting this page.


The absence of reviews as well as the scores that this domain has received raises suspicion and doubt. Additionally, the fact that the owner’s information cannot be found using WHOIS services, which is a negative point. We recommend against purchasing from this site and instead go to a different legitimate site. Click here to verify the information for Credit Card Scams.

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