Hilary Devey Cause Of Death Cancer {Dec} Find Her Net Worth, Wikipedia, And More Details!

This article on Hilary Devey Cause of Death Cancer will provide you with the most accurate information on Hilary Devey and her cause of death.

Are you aware of her motives for dying? Are you wondering why it is important to keep her memory alive after all these years? How much was she worth at the time she died?. If you’re curious about this, please read the entire article to the very end to find out all details Hilary Devey Cause of Death Cancer.

Who Was Hilary Devey?

Hilary Brewster is an England-based businesswoman born on the 10th of March 1957. She was fostered by Arthur Brewster and Wyn Cross. Professionally, Hilary was a businesswoman as well as a TV personality, and an entrepreneur who was successful. Her noteworthy works are based on the show Dragons’ Den which reached its in 2011 and 2012. Hilary Devey rose to prominence on the BBC business program “Dagon’s Den” her unique style has captured the hearts of many. However, we also noted that she had an attack of the brain five years ago. This led to her losing the brain. The stroke led to her fighting for her life and made her choose intensive care.

Hilary Devey’s Personal Details:

  • Name: Hilary Lorraine Devey Brewster
  • Date Of Birth: 10 March 1957
  • Died: 11 June 2022
  • Place of Birth: Bolton
  • Age: 65 Years
  • Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches
  • Profession: Tv Personality, Entrepreneur, Businesswomen
  • Net Worth: $80 Million

What was the reason for her death?

The year is about to come to an end, and when it is over everyone around the globe remember those who have passed away in this year. This is the reason why people are looking for Hilary Devey’s motive for death. On June 11, 2022 the beloved Dragon’s Den judge and businesswoman died. She died after suffering with a lung infection that was serious for a prolonged.

The spokesperson for her on June 12, 2022 announced her death. Many say she could have survived longer had she not died at such a young age.

Hilary Devey Illness

We found out that she had an accident in the past five years. That was the cause of her losing part of her brain. The stroke led to her fighting for her life, which led her choose intensive care. On the course of an ITV interview she revealed, “I took two paracetamol and drank some water and went to bed.” “The pain was very bad when I woke up the following morning. ” I attempted to prepare for a trip to the workplace, something I’ve done countless times, but I was unable to arrange my bags. “I was unable to identify the problem. “”In my thoughts, I lost three-quarters. And I think it took me about six months to accept with it. ],””It took my life away . I’m not able to drive any longer as it’s affected my vision, I don’t have any sense of contact, and I’ve an injured leg on my left… however, I’m able to walk and I’m happy.”

Hilary Devey’s obituary and funeral:

Following the passing of Hilary due to lung problems, a lot of people paid tribute to her and mourned her loss. However, the specifics of her funeral aren’t available at this time. The funeral is likely to take place in the next year. Her name will be forever remembered for her iconic role and for her charisma.

Check the header of social media accounts to find her social media handles to see her accounts. This will let you get to know the more details about her.


Hilary Devey passed away on 11 June 2022. We mourn her at the close of the year. Many have been paying tribute to the deceased Hilary Devey after her death. To find out details about Hilary Devey go to the link.

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