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You can find exclusive information about Hawaii Photographer Larry Haynes, who died in the second week February 2023.

In the second week in February 2023, Larry Haynes, a legendary water cinematographer, died in the United States. Larry Haynes was a well-known artist who shot underwater, surfing and water waves in films such as Chasing Mavericks and Fluid Combustion parts 2, 3 and 5. T.V. series – Who are J.O.B.?

You would like to learn more about Larry’s life, including his professional and personal circumstances. You can read more about Hawaii photographer Larry Haynes.

Cause of death:

Larry was surfing at Laniakea in Hawaii on a typical Thursday morning. Larry was riding his paddleboard with a GoPro camera. Larry was enjoying filming his beach fun.

Larry and his surfing partner proceeded to the lot. According to sources, Larry experienced a heart attack while trying to board his car. He then collapsed. Larry died from a heart attack. There were approximately 40 videos on his GoPro camera. Larry Haynes Surf Photographer Hawaii filmed himself surfing at Laniakea beach in one of his videos. (Links are included below).

Wikipedia Details:

  • Full name: Larry Haynes
  • Profession: Water and surfing cinematographer
  • Date of Birth: Monday, 3 July 1961
  • Date of death: Thursday 9 February 2023
  • Age: 61 Years, 7 Months, and 7 Days
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Hairstyle: Buzz cut
  • Form of the face: Round
  • Eye color is blue
  • Height: Approximately 5.4″
  • Weight: 80 kg

Religion, ethnicity, and nationality:

Larry was born in America and raised there. Larry was born in America and was a Christian.


We are still waiting for details about Larry Haynes, Hawaii Photographer, including his final visitation ceremony, burial date, burial place, and celebration of Life ceremony.


We do not have any information on Larry’s family, including his parents, spouse, children and other relatives.

Education and early life:

Larry didn’t talk about his childhood and education. It is known, however, that he began his career as a water cinematographer at 35 years old and continued to work in the industry for 26 years before his death. Larry Haynes’ death shocked his friends, colleagues, and film crew.


On Instagram, his friends shared that he was bold and started to take up surfing cinematography seriously. They wanted to make artistic work. When he was filming water cinematography, he even showed signs of movement. Larry loved surfing and was always full of life, no matter the size of the waves. Keep Larry in your thoughts and prayers.

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