Happyindia 88 .com {Dec} This Site Legit or Not? Check All Details Here!

In this post we’ll assist you to discern the truth behind Happyindia 88 .com check out all the information and facts of the site prior to investing.

Do you love Sports? Are you a fan of betting on games using various betting platforms? Are you confident that the betting platform you’re using is legitimate? To determine the authenticity that betting sites are legitimate, it is important to look at public opinion as well as the truth of the platform in order to lessen the risk of fraud.

Everyone wants access to make money placing bets on their favourite athletes and sports. Betting applications have become addicting and enjoyable for people to gamble with their money. A website originated from Vietnam, Happyindia 88 .com is trending across several countries which includes India.

What is Happyindia 88 Website?

The founder of the site initially designed the site to play casino games and betting online on various platforms. In the last few months, in 2022’s FIFA World Cup, 2022 the people began investing in the players and forecasting the country that would win.

The most surprising aspect of the site was that it revealed that the business was in operation for over 18 years. However, when reviewing its domain’s age it was operating for just one and one-half years.

The site was growing globally and was receiving good feedback from players and investors. Recently, India has also promoted the business with a new logo for the coming IPL games. However, all of the information on Happyindia 88 .com are identical, even the developer of the website.

The specifics of Happyindia88.com to determine its authenticity

  • The company’s dominance age is a factor that has been performing well for the past year and five months.
  • Domain creation Date: 11 July 2021
  • Domain expiry date: 11th July 2023
  • Email ID: Multiple email contacts, which include Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Indonesia, India, Korea and Japan. Indian email: India_cs@m88.com
  • Alexa ranking: 3153080
  • Trust score 35 percent
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  • Reviews from customers are available on social platforms , but may be more useful.
  • Play Store rating: unavailable
  • iOS rating: unavailable

There is also the QR code to download the m88 application However, it’s fake. If you scan the QR codeit’ll take you to a different application referred to as Canva.

The truth behind Happyindia 88 .com

A lot of people want to know about the real truth of happyIndia88.com. In the end, the site contains numerous fake information and information. There is no proof whether the address or contact numbers listed on the site are functional or not.

HappyIndia88.com claims to have apps for Android and IOS However, there’s no application currently available. When you look at the numerous false reports and misinformation users are unable to believe this platform is legitimate and trustworthy.

Happyindia 88 Reviews

It has strong connections to various social networks and has a only a few reviews from customers that confirm its authenticity. We can’t promise that our evaluations are accurate. Happyindia 88 .com is the best betting platform.

We do not recommend that you engage in any form of money laundering or put your money at risk. Risk your money at your own discretion.


HappyIndia88 is an expanding gaming platform. A variety of countries are investing and betting on the app for betting. Recently, India has also been advertising betting sites and apps for IPL games.

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