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The article discusses the latest Google Layoffs Reddit information as well as all the details that could be available in this quick review.

Do you know anything of the Google layoffs? Recently Google’s parent firm has been slashing around 12000 positions. According to the number of jobs, Google is reducing six percent of its workforce. Experts believe it will impact the employment marketplace across India, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The news about layoffs is also circulating via social media. This is why we should check Google Layoffs Reddit.

What do you know about Layoffs News?

20 January 2023 (Friday), Google announced the job-cutting news. Although the news is being circulated through Silicon Valley, many feel that it will impact all of the Information Technology sector worldwide.

After the pandemic the employment market has been plagued by a number of controversies and the entire economy is also in a difficult spot. Alphabet is Google’s parent firm, Google has already made a decision to eliminate job openings and layoffs in the United States; instead, Google’s share has risen to 3 percent. This is why that people must understand the reasons behind the layoffs.

Google Layoffs 2022 Reddit

According to source, this news has been distributed through various social platforms. The Reddit platform, the information was posted 15 hours before the original date. It is possible to find the details on this site: “Google cuts 12000 jobs”.

However, if you go to Reddit for the news, you will find that the information has already been deleted from the site. There is also a statement regarding the removal of the information from this website. The site also explains the reason behind the removal.

There are also comments regarding this specific subject. If you are interested look over this thread on Reddit platform.

Which is The History Behind these Layoffs?

Many are interested in the reasons behind the layoffs. Financial experts ask for some reasons for this decision. These can be clarified in the paragraphs that follow.

  • The primary reason is uncertainty about the economy and forecast.
  • The increase in the interest rates that are set by the US Federal Reserve are another reason.
  • Global macroeconomic challenges are also a factor in the decision.
  • In the meantime, Amazon is also cutting more than 18000 jobs which is what prompted Google’s decision.

The Memo

While the Google laid off 2022 Reddit was taken off of this website, chief executive officer Sundar Pichai has personally emailed every resource within the organization. The memo message from Pichai has informed employees of the recent layoffs.

The announcement came after Microsoft and Amazon together announced the layoff of 28000 employees in recent period. The memo states that Sundar Pichai has stated the circumstances and the reasons for the latest announcements.

This memo Pichai is stating that the business has to make the difficult decision due to various reasons. The memo also emphasized the economic growth that is currently taking place and to encourage more investments in Artificial Intelligence the decision made. Pichai also explained the background of the decision.


It is certain that the cutbacks will profoundly affect the financial as well as financial sector. The decision is also alarming about the prospect of a new recession coming into the year ahead.

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