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Get the scoop on G68 Star Wars shocking trail that will bring a new twist to season-3.

The Mandalorian season-3 of Disney+’s series, The Mandalorian, was shot in October 2021. It was expected to be finished by March 2023. The Mandalorian season-3 premiered in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States on March 1, 2023. It featured gunslinger – Pascal looking for Grogu, a Force-sensitive infant who escaped from gunship Razor. Gideon’s light cruiser was able to destroy the Razor spaceship after a tracker was attached to its chest.

What did G68 Star Wars do in season-3, then?

More Information About G68:

G68 is the pseudo-name for Elia Kane. She is a human female specie with fair skin, brown eyes and black hair. She served in Galactic Empire under Moff Gideon. She was the one to inform about the Razor spaceship’s tracker that Grogu was aboard. Gideon’s light cruiser, Gideon, located the Razor spaceship on planet Tython by tracking it. It destroyed it.

Pershing was initially assisted by G68 who took him to a mobile laboratory facility. Pershing obtained the necessary technology to clone. However, Pershing was detained by local police. Local officers discovered the secret trail of Mandalorian G68 Star Wars, and gave her tip-off!

Pershing was also subjected to low voltage via a mind-flayer device that was attached to his head. G68’s evil trail was mind-blowing as she increased the voltage flow, causing Pershing unbearable pain and scrambling him!

Mandalorian G68’s trail:

G68’s trail of Pershing suggests that Moff is still loyal to her and she opposes the Cloning Program. Moff was taken into custody by the New Republic, and was to be charged in the judiciary. Grogu may still be alive, although his hiding places are not known. Moff is believed to be permanently programmed in a mindflayer device.

G68 Star Wars was Galactic Empire’s communication officer. Surprise twist in series-3 episode-3 Episode 3 changed the focus of the series from Din Djarin fighting warlords and spiders to monsters. Episode 3 was about Dr. Penn Pershing, an Imperial scientist. Pershing was seen demonstrating his talents by cloning a prototype for Supreme Leader Snoke at Nevarro’s cloning facility.

Pershing’s success in The Rise Of Skywalker will result in cloning, revival and the return of Emperor Palpatine, who Imperial remnants wanted to keep quiet. Pershing was seen getting requited to do administration work in order to restart cloning. The newly formed government made cloning illegal. Pershing was forced to rely on G68 Star Wars – Elia Kane.


G68’s twist with G68’s trail is seen as an attempt to bring back Moff from the star war series. G68’s actions indicate that Moff is working undercover to carry out his mission and hide the ex Imperial scientists. Another sign is the attack on Bo-Katan’s castle on Kalevala. Giancarlo Eposito will be reprising his role in season 3.

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