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This article is linked with Fortnite Gear ODM to help Epic Games players learn about a new feature, and discover it during gameplay.

Epic Games was able to add a feature? What is Epic Games’ latest feature? What is the best way to use this new feature? Epic Games users around the world are thrilled about this new feature.

Many players search for Fortnite Gear Odm. Scroll down for Fortnite Gear ODM information.

Fortnite: What’s the latest feature?

Epic Games has updated Fortnite with the all-new ODM Gear feature. It was released April 11, 2022.

ODM Gear is also known as Omni-Directional Mobility Gear. It’s the latest weapon in Fortnite’s royale war.

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  • ODM: Gear name
  • Full name: Omni Directional Mobility
  • Use the following code in Fortnite
  • Location- Scout Regiment Footlockers Chests & Ground
  • Angel Aaltonen is the designer of this gear

Where can I find Odm Gear Fortnite

Scout Regiment footlockers have ODM Gear and Thunder Spears. In-game shops also sell battle passes.

Attack on Titan anime fans will recognise this armor or weapon as a mechanic. This equipment can be used to strike down your enemies from below if you have it.

How to use Odm Gear

ODM Gear can be earned by simply walking around Fortnite’s Island. Epic promises that the new item will be available from the ground, Scout Regiment Footlockers, and your chests.

The built-in blades allow you to jump high into the air and grapple with another person. You can launch or hover an attack.

Where can I buy Odm Gear Fortnite?

Bodil40 claims to have found Fortnite’s perfect ODM Gear spot. The Jaeger in Anvil Square’s Family Basement contains a Scout Regiment Footlocker.

Is this the location confirmed for ODM Gear

While we cannot guarantee the availability of ODM Gears in this region, it is a good starting point. If you do a search, ODM Gears should be easy to locate.

Your ODM Gear can help you unleash powerful whirling strikes. This is demonstrated in the video.


Epic Games has just released a new feature. It will be required for players to locate it and then use it in Fortnite. Levi doesn’t need to change his gear. He still uses the same one.

Do you know where you can find ODM gear for Fortnite? Please let us know.

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