Floyd Kitchie Mayweather {April} Who was Kitchie? Read Now!

You won’t find any other Floyd Kitchie Mayweather information. Find out more about Laurico, including his life and career.

Floyd Mayweather’s personal assistant (PA) was late Kitchie Laurico. He was an American Boxer who won 50 fights. He earned the titles of Fighter of the Decade, Fighter of the Decade, 2007, 2013 and 2015 BWAA Fighter of the Year. In 2023, Mayweather’s net worth was $450 million.

His fans in Canada and the United States wanted to know more about Floyd Kitchie Mayweather.

What happened to Kitchie Laurico?

Kitchie Laurico was raised in the Philippines. At the age of 11, she and her family immigrated to America. She didn’t know Mayweather, but she did meet him by accident. Kitchie was one Mayweather’s close friends when she was traveling with her friends.

Kitchie and Mayweather met this way. The relationship continued until Mayweather began interfacing with Kitchie. But then, what happened to Kitchie? Let’s take a look at the next sections. Kitchie wasn’t familiar with the PA role at the time. Mayweather offered the job.

Kitchie passed away in the last week of March 2023. A friend shared Kitchie’s sudden death via a post to Personal assistant death. A friend shared Kitchie’s sudden death via a post on Personal assistant death. This is amazing. Kitchie was amazing and so kind. She made everyone feel special. Kitchie and her entire family are in my prayers.

The social media post was seen by thousands of netizens. Mayweather did not respond to Kitchie’s passing. Mayweather is single and has no wife. She died 31 March 2023. Her death’s precise date and reason are unknown.

After his retirement, Mayweather managed several organizations, including Make-A-Wish Foundation and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation. Ryan Seacrest Foundation and Cure Duchenne Foundation are also available.

In The Money Team Racing, he also owns a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (number 50). Gallienne Nabila, an Instagram model from Paris, was photographed with him in March 2023. He believed she was his Girlfriend.

Mayweather needed a PA to help him manage his business.


Kitchie was an energetic and skilled worker. Kitchie’s social media posts often included the phrase “Hard work, dedication.” Kitchie was also a social media influencer with more than 147K+ Instagram followers. She shared photos of her luxurious lifestyle, travels to beaches and resorts, as well as stylish outfits. Kitchie died suddenly.

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