Fitzpatrick Matt Girlfriend {Feb} Read All Details On His Age, Height, Net Worth Now!

This post will cover Fitzpatrick Matt Girlfriend and his dating history. We also provide details about his personal life.

Do you know Fitzpatrick, the well-known golfer? He was a great player who won numerous titles and awards. Fitzpatrick is the best golf player in America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States. People are always interested in knowing more about Fitzpatrick’s personal life, as he has achieved great success throughout his career.

This post will discuss Matt’s personal life and his Fitzpatrick Matt Girlfriend. This post has all the details about Fitzpatrick Matt’s private life.

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What is Fitzpatrick Matts Girlfriend like?

Fitzpatrick Matt’s Girlfriend was last updated in 2022. He was currently dating Lydia Cassda. Sources claim that Matt and Lydia Cassda have been in a relationship since college.

They were often seen together, and had many ups and downs while they were dating.

Fitzpatrick Matt’s wife?

Sources say that Matt and Lydia Cassda have been together since college. The couple seems to be in no rush to get married. The couple has not shared any details or plans about their marriage with their fans, but they are eagerly awaiting their wedding.

Fitzpatrick Matt’s dating history

According to reports, Matt Fitzpatrick was married to Deniz Khazanuik, a popular Ukrainian tennis player. They were together for many years, but eventually broke up. The reason they broke up was not revealed by the couple.

Later, Fitzpatrick Matt begins dating Lydia Cassda (who he is currently seeing).

Fitzpatrick Matt Wikipedia Details:

Many people want to know more about Matt. Here are some details about Matt.

  • Full Name: Matthew Thomas Fitzpatrick
  • Date of birth: 1 September 1994Age 28
  • Birthplace: Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Ethnicity: British-WhiteParents: Russell Fitzpatrick (Dad), Susan Fitzpatrick (Mom)
  • Profession: GolferSiblings: Alex Fitzpatrick
  • Nationality: English
  • Wife: NA
  • Girlfriend: Lydia Cassda
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Education: Northwestern University, Tapton Secondary School
  • Net worth: EUR21.5 Million

What is the annual income of Fitzpatrick Matt

According to sources, Fitzpatrick Matt’s net worth is EUR21.5million.


Sources claim that Fitzpatrick Matt has been with Lydia Cassda for five years. But we haven’t checked this allegation out yet.

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