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The article detailed the Fatal Shark Attack New Caledonia. It also provided more in-depth details about the beach as well as actions taken by authorities.

Are you an Fatal Shark Attacked a tourist? Will the man be killed from an attack by sharks? An attack by sharks that killed a man occurred at New Caledonia resort in Australia stunned the tourist spot of Noumea. Visitors from in the United Kingdom and other countries are awestruck by the thrill. Fatal Shark Attack New Caledonia incident causes everyone to be in sadness. Check out the article for more information the details about Shark Attacks and more.

Fatal Shark Attack

A Australian tourist was killed by a shark when he was swimming. He was killed at the beach in New Caledonia and the incident was recorded by the CCTV camera of surveillance.

The AFP news agency said that the man, 59, was hit by a pontoon in the afternoon. The location is located 150 meters away from the coast in Noumea. Shark attacks were horrific. The shark that killed him smacked the man’s legs and arms numerous times.

Fatal Shark Attack in New Caledonia

Two emergency personnel on a jetski swiftly took him to the beach in order to save him. However, the rescue attempt was unsuccessful. The man was tragically killed right on the spot at the scene.

CCTV footage shows Shark attack

In the clip of 15 seconds you can see a man wading in the sea close to the pontoon, you can see the many swimmers at the ocean. Then, unintentionally, a jetski is seen speeding away from the noise before returning towards the shore.

According to one witness the person who was riding the jetski got into trouble after hearing the alarm going off. Read on for additional Fatal Shark Attack New Caledonia details.

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Beach patrol Action

The jetski’s driver came back to Caledonia beach to find another beach patroller. Before they began the trip, the jetski group returned to the beach together with the body of the man.

The seashore patrol crew performed CPR and emergency first aid until paramedics arrived.

Beach is evacuated

A large number of swimmers on the ocean became scared after they saw an attack by sharks. The swimmers were all rushed on their way back to shore. The police department had to evacuate the area following it was declared a Fatal Shark Attack New Caledonia.

After the incident the beaches of Noumea were shut. In the course of this shark attack drones were arranged to locate sharks in the area.

Sonia Lagarde, New Caledonia mayor, has been given the go ahead to capture sharks and tigers in the waters around her.

Recent Shark attack

This fatal attack took place within a week of when an injured woman suffered a serious injury. Just a week before this incident, a 47-year woman was attacked by a shark that killed her in the exact same spot. She sustained severe injuries and was admitted to treatment at the Australian hospital. In this shark attack the lady was unable to save her leg.

It was Fatal Shark Attack New Caledonia struck a windsurfer in the 5 February, at an additional Noumea beach. Fortunately, the man was not hurt.


The shark attack that killed a man incident in New Caledonia is the third incident that has occurred in the past three weeks. Tourists and locals are displeased with these constant attacks. Watch the horrifying Fatal Shark Attack on this page.

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