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This article gives information about the Enzo Fernandez Wiki and informs the reader about the details pertaining to his personal and professional life.

Are you seeking information about the famous footballer Enzo Fernandez? Fans from Worldwide are interested in learning interesting details about Enzo Fernandez, as well as his move to Chelsea. Chelsea team.

Read the article until the very end to find out more details about Enzo Fernandez Wiki and the latest information about the player’s online presence.

Who is Enzo Fernandez?

Enzo Fernandez, a pro soccer player who is a part of the Argentina team. The debut came in the year 2019 after spending a few years in Defensa y Justicia. Then, in the year 2022, he signed with Primeira Liga, a Portuguese soccer club Primeira Liga.

He has been a part of various clubs since he joined international football, but remains with his Argentina team.

Enzo Fernandez’s Personal Information:

  • Full name: Enzo Jeremias Fernandez
  • Birthday: 17 January 2001.
  • Age: 21
  • Nationality: Argentine
  • The place of birth: San Martin, Argentina
  • Profession: Footballer
  • Education: Graduation
  • Marital Status Married
  • Name of the child: Olivia

Enzo Fernandez Chelsea 2023

Recently, the news went viral via the web, and it shocked all Worldwide, i.e., Enzo’s departure to the Chelsea club. This is why Enzo became the highest-priced premier league transfer, with 121 million euros.

He is named an Benfica midfielder. Benfica moved players to their club as a result of his outstanding performance at the FIFA world cup 2022. After the World Cup, Enzo was on Chelsea’s radarand, finally they had the chance to bring him to the club.

Reactions from netizens

People are stunned when they hear the news from Twitter. Twitter platform. On Enzo Fernandez’s Twitter account it is clear the news is authentic and that everyone is thrilled for Enzo because he received the recognition he deserves from his performance in the World Cup 2022.

Enzo agreed to sign an 8 and half-year deal with Chelsea however, the details about the contract is still to be released. But, it’s an excellent addition to Chelsea’s team with Enzo in their team.

Enzo Fernandez married life

Enzo Fernandez has become a promising young star on the field of football however, he’s not married. According to reports the couple is with his girlfriend Valentina Cervantes. They have an infant daughter named Olivia.

While they did not reveal the date of their wedding We will be updating the post for you as soon as we get our hands on the details.

Enzo Fernandez’s stats from the football field

According to Enzo Fernandez’s Whoscore, performances of Enzo is excellent. His performance in Portugal has 7.24, with a 7.24 score, FIFA World Cup at 7.06, Champions League at 6.97 in addition to River Plate at 7.15.

His strengths lie in passing keys passes, concentration and concentration. Additionally, he loves to throw the long ball and aim from the distance.

The Last Line:

Enzo was a big target at the beginning of the year and was one of the most expensive player to join the Premier League. So, let’s look at what will happen in the near future and if it’s a good choice for Enzo’s future.

What do you think about the transfer? Do you have a comment.

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