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Joshua Matthew Sills is the offensive guard of the Philadelphia Eagles team in the NFL. Born on January 26, 1997, Sills was raised living in Sarahsville, Ohio. Sills graduated from West Virginia University, United States. He began playing football at age nine and was studying at Meadowbrook High School.

Recently, physical assault charges were imposed on the victim. What did the victim? What was the charge? Let’s look into what happened to the Eagles Lineman arrested.

The arrest of Sills:

The 1st day of February 2023 was the day that those charges against Sills were formally pleaded. According to sources, Dave Yost, the Ohio Attorney General, issued an announcement on February 1st, 2023 concerning the court summons issued to Sills as well as the allegations against Sills. Sills will appear in court in Cambridge, Ohio, on Thursday, 16th February 2023.

The incident that led to physical assault took place at around 00:02:00 AM on the 5th of December, 2019. Sills was 21 years 10 months and 10 days old. The victim subject of assault in the physical was 21 years old. The victim was a friend of Sills for eight years , as they were in the at the same high school.

Eagles Lineman Indicted

According to online sources, Sills is charged with one count of kidnapping as well as one charge of first degree physically assault that is not consensual. But, Sills is not arrested. If Sills doesn’t respond to the summons (or) fails to appear at court, the court may issue an arrest warrant.

Concerning the physical assualt

Sills provided both the lady and her friend the opportunity to return to his truck from a nearby cafe. When they arrived at her cousin’s home the cousin went inside the home. According to sources, when the woman was taking her car out she was grabbed by the neck, and then dragged her into the truck. This could be a sign of kidnapping and also a powerful argument for the Eagles Lineman Arrested.

Sills helped the woman climb into the seat of the vehicle. The women repeatedly demanded Sills to stop. However, Sills forcefully detained her in the car and began attacking her.

When the event was over The woman then requested Sills whether she was able to leave. Sills was able to respond by asking the woman if she wanted to be able to talk to him once more. The woman stepped out of the truck and walked into her cousin’s home, and Sills left the premises which could be a sign of physical assault and another motive for Eagles Lineman being arrested.

Initial investigation:

It was reported to Guernsey County Sheriff’s office immediately. Police took photos of the injuries on the woman’s left knee and right ear as well as on the back of her. Additionally, the police discovered bleeding injuries on the throat’s back as well as on her inner lips.

Ending Line:

Sills isn’t being held in custody since the court has already issued the initial summons. The lawyer for Sills, Dave Yost, has replied to the summons and released a press statement. The note indicates that Sills has been informed of the summons and is likely to be at the court date that is scheduled. date. In the event of his absence, it could lead to further action that results in his detention.

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