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This post will focus on Duangphet Phromthep Cause of Death, his life, and the reactions to his death.

Did you hear the amazing story about the Thai cave rescue? Are you familiar with Duangphet Phromthep? His loved ones and friends called him Dom. What happened to him after his death?

People from Australia, the Philippines and Canada waited for the miracle to happen again after the tragic news about Dom, a 17-year-old boy. It all happened this time. We will now examine Duangphet Phromthep Cause of Death.

Who was Duangphet Phromthep, and what did he do?

You must have heard the name of Phromthep if you’ve ever heard about the 2018 Thai cave incident. Phromthep was an undergraduate at a soccer academy located in Leicestershire, England. He was also the captain of the Wild Boars youth soccer soccer team. Along with 12 other boys, he and his assistant coach were rescued in a Thai cave flooding incident.

Duangphet Phromthep died. What happened?

People are shocked and want answers about their favorite Dom. According to news sources, Dom was taken to the hospital following an accident. The accident details and more details about what happened are still unknown. Officials from both Thailand and Britain announced Duangphet Phromthep Passed Way news.

What happened in 2018?

The rising floodwaters caused the 12 boys and their coach to become trapped in the cave in 2018. International attention was drawn to the rescue operation, which lasted almost three weeks. These challenging rescues were risky for divers. Each rescue took many hours, with most of them being done submerged.

Reddit, Facebook and Twitter were all updating the news about this rescue operation.

Duangphet Phromthep and the second group of boys rescued the cave more than two weeks after being trapped in it. He was one of three underground boys who had their birthdays missed. He shared his concerns with his parents, saying that he was alright but that it is very cold outside. He said, “Relax.” Remember my birthday.

What can his friend say about Phromthep’s death after hearing it?

Prajak Sutham, a fellow survivor, shared an emotional memory with Phromthep. He wrote it on Facebook shortly after his death. He shared that he and Phromthep had been through difficult times together, as well as going through many life-and-death situations. Prajak once asked Phromthep to wait until he saw him become a national player. Prajak responded, “I would wait to get your signature.” He wrote Rest in Peace after Phromthep was dead.

Another cave survivor stated that he was shocked by the news of his death. One cave survivor said that he was expecting a miracle, but it never happened.

What is the reaction of the college community to his passing?

Ian Smith, principal of the college, said that we were shocked and in deep grief at hearing about his death. He said that Dom’s family was supported by the college community.

Kiatisuk Senamuang, the Thai national coach and captain, said that he died. We don’t know why Dom was in such a bad health.

Zico Foundation, which provided a soccer scholarship to Dom, has expressed its sorrow at his passing.


Duangphet Phromthep is no more with us. He was one of the students who were rescued from the 2018 Thai Cave incident. We are still unable to reveal more details about what happened or how he died. More information on the Thai cave rescue can be found here.

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