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Dick Groat Obituary News-

Dick Groat was a legendary American baseball and basketball player who died early on Thursday morning. He was 92 years old. We will be sharing more information on Dick Groat’s Biography later in this segment.

Dick Groat was two-time World Series champion and eight-time All-Star Shortstop in Major League Baseball. Continue reading to learn more about Dick Groat’s obituary.

How did he pass away?

Groat died at the UMPC Presbyterian Hospital, according to his family. Groat’s family added that he died from complications following a stroke.

Find out about his funeral, Obituary & Net Worth!

Dick Groat’s family notified the media first about his death. Dick Groat’s obituary was then posted on several media channels. Groat’s relatives did not reveal details of his funeral or memorial. Dick Groat is estimated to have a net worth of $1.7 million, according to sources.

Media channel published the details of Dick Groat’s Obituary. Fox News reported that Pirates legend Dick Groat died at the age of 92 after suffering a severe stroke.

Dick Groat Family Details!

  • Parents- Martin Groat & Gracie Groat.
  • Martin, Charles Elsie and Margaret Groat are siblings.
  • Children – Tracey Groat, Carol Ann Groat, and Allison Groat
  • Grandchildren- 11 Grandchildren.

Reddit user shared Dick Groat’s Obituary. The caption of the user’s post reads: Pirates legend Dick Groat has died at 92.

Dick Groat was married or not?

Dick Groat and Barbara (Womble Groat) Groat were married in November 1955. The couple shared three beautiful daughters. Details on Dick’s affairs or Girlfriend, however, are not known. Dick Groat’s dating history is not very impressive. Sources claim that Dick Groat’s former wife in New York was a model.

Michael Clair posted a message about the news. The caption read: Dick Groat has passed away. Great Obituary.

Dick Groat Wiki Detail:

Below is a table that contains all the information about Dick Groat on Wikipedia.


  • Real name: Richard Morrow Groat
  • Date of Birth: 4/11/1930
  • Age: 92 years.
  • American Basketball & Baseball players.
  • Birth Place: Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.
  • Nationality- American.
  • Wife Name: Barbara (Womble) Groat
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Zodiac: Scorpio.

See details about his Career & More.

  • Career- Groat started his playing career during the 1950s. He was an American professional basketball and baseball player.
  • High School – Swissvale
  • College- Duke (1949-1952).
  • Dick Groat was brought up in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania..

Dick Groat Height & More

  • Height 5ft. 11in.
  • Weight 82 kg.
  • Death: 27th April 2023


Dick Groat died and his friends and family are in mourning. Dick Groat’s fans and well-wishers shared his obituary.

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