Detroit Found Rappers Dead {Fab} Check Death Reason Here!

For more information on the missing rappers, please refer to the Detroit Found Rappers Dead article.

You may have heard about missing rappers who were found dead in an apartment basement. Want to learn more about the case? The United States and Canada are looking for information about Detroit Found Rappers Death. For more information on the missing rappers, please read the entire article.

We were able to find some information about missing rappers in the last two weeks after a thorough search. Let’s get into the details of the article below.

Who were the rappers who were found dead?

Three bodies were found by police in a Detroit apartment that was rat-infested on Thursday afternoon. After their families had identified the victims, the police later revealed the names of the victims.

Detroit Rappers Missing, January 21st, 2023, was the time that three Detroit Rappers, Montoya Givens (31), Dante Wicker (31), and Aramni Kelly (28) were missing. They were unable to perform on January 21 and have been missing ever since.

Kelly’s mother initially reported to police her son’s disappearance. Kelly’s phone was found dead on January 22. The news reached the rest of Kelly’s family. Michigan’s Homicide police found bodies in the rubble of a building near Highland Park, Detroit.

After the identification, the Michigan police department released the death information about missing rappers. To find out the cause of death, autopsies are performed on the bodies.

Detroit Found Rappers Dead news was swirling online when Michael McGinnis (head of the Michigan police force) tweeted from the Metro Detroit Twitter account.

According to Wayne County Corner, the autopsy report can take up to forty-eight hours. The cold weather conditions made it impossible to examine the body at the speed required. However, some sources claim that they were gunshot wounds to the bodies.

What is the latest in the Detroit Found Rappers Dead case

The police began investigating the case after Kelly’s mother reported that the rappers had been missing. The police distributed the information about the missing men to news stations. Kelly’s mother participated in the search for missing men. On January 23, 2023, Kelly’s mother recognized her car in Warren just a few miles from Highland Park in Detroit.

The texts and calls were reviewed by police. The police discovered that the communication was carried out with a man from Ashton, west side of Detroit. He was a suspect in fraud cases and had an outstanding warrant.

The Detroit Found Rappers Dead case saw the man arrested on January 30, 2023. An equipment problem caused the concert to be cancelled on January 21st, 2023. After 7:30 pm Kelly, text messages and Facebook messages went unanswered.

Below is the link to the Michigan Police Department’s social media page.


We have provided details regarding the Detroit rappers who were found dead on Thursday. Rappers lost their lives at a young stage. Their souls may rest in peace. For more information , click here.

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