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Are you aware of the latest layoffs on Twitter? Did you hear of Crawford Esther? Crawford Esther has been terminated from her post on Twitter. The news spreads across the world, including those in the United States. The citizens of many countries are seeking out the motive for her dismissal. In this report, you’ll learn more concerning Twitter former employee Crawford Esther.

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Who is Crawford Esther on Twitter?

Crawford Esther was the product manager at Twitter who was fired from her job. Crawford has played a part in various projects on Twitter including the blue tick, which is the purchase of verification, the new payment platform. According to sources, Twitter has fired the product manager and the matter is now in the spotlight.

Twitter has been laying off more than fifty employees in diverse departments. The layoffs made by Twitter as well as other large firms have caused tensions across the globe. Many rounds of layoffs have been reported on Twitter. Crawford Esther is one of those employees who were dismissed recently.

Crawford Esther Instagram

Crawford Esther is an ex-employee of Twitter. Crawford worked as a product manager at Twitter. Crawford is active on Instagram and will usually inform users via her Instagram posts. In her bio on Instagram, Crawford mentioned that she was the co-founder of the CEO squad.

Crawford has added a picture of her husband on her Instagram. The husband of Crawford is Robert Cowherd. Crawford is most active on Twitter. You can find her on Twitter by looking for Crawford Esther Twitter.

Who is Crawford Esther?

Crawford Esther was the ex-worker on Twitter. Twitter must lay off many employees from their jobs. Recently the product manager at Twitter was dismissed. Crawford Esther came to the news after being removed from her position. Crawford has a husband, Robert Cowherd. She is mother to three children.

Crawford is also well-known for her entrepreneurship skills in American technology since she was the co-founder and CEO of Squad. She studied in Oregon State University and Durham University. We could find only limited information regarding Crawford Esther. In addition, details on Net Worth aren’t available.

Are you Crawford Esther active on social media?

Crawford has been active on Twitter following her dismissal from her job. She tweets on Twitter and is posting updates on herself. According to reports, Twitter’s CEO Twitter Elon Musk fired employees, and was distributing information to employees by mail. Twitter now has around 2000 people thanks to the cut recently made.

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