Cash1k Scam {Dec} Know Is cash1K Legit Or Not!

Learn all the essential facts that are not available elsewhere prior to making use of and find out the facts about Cash1K Scam.

Numerous websites are regularly launched across both the United Kingdom and the United States which claim to make money fast. Similar to betting websites as well as wealth-creation apps and sites are legal within the Philippines. Although some of them may be genuine, some are frauds. is among the latest websites to be launched that promises to pay you a massive profits from your home. Check out the features of to find out more the truth about Cash1K Scam.


Cash1K is a Cash1K deal with Philippines currencies. (#). Cash1K does not have a valid investment site that promises quick and massive profits on investments. Recently, a brand new idea in the cryptocurrency market has developed where stars publish their videos, and viewers must pay to view the videos.

Cash1K usually includes trailers for the most recent films. Users must watch the trailers in order to be paid. The earnings are saved in the Cash1K earnings wallet.

When a user signs up with Cash1K the user is required to pay for various plans. Based on the membership level the three to eighteen minutes worth of playing time is allotted, which is used to verify if cash1K is Legit. There are various levels of plans that guarantee to pay between #17.25 to #1,552.50and more each day.

To be able to subscribe to plans the subscriber must put in an enormous amount of cash. To earn, for instance, #1,552.50/day one has to pay #38,812.50 per year in order to earn $5,58,900 over the course of all 365 days. The user has to finish watching the most videos of shot feasible within the time allotted for play.

The credibility of is only available in a small number of Southeast Asian countries. Cash1K earned a horrible 11% trust score and a zero ranking for business and a low 7,612,295 Alexa ranking, as well as a horrible 1/10 domain authority score which suggests that Cash1K Com scam. This is a suspicious site having a 33% suspect score 92% risk, 50 percent scams and 17% malware and a 92 percent spam score.

Cash1K isn’t blacklisted and has a secure connection via HTTPS protocol. Its IP is an active SSL certificate valid for the next 86-day period.

Cash1K was first registered on December 23, 2022, in Reykjavik which is Iceland’s Capital Region of Iceland, an extremely risky country. Cash1K is a 3 day old site. Cash1K is a website with a short chance of survival since the registration expires in 11 months and 27 days from 23rd December-2023.

Features determining Cash1K Com Scam:

The contact details and the identity that are provided by Cash1K owners are blocked by using the services of Withheld for privacy EHF. Cash1K has a very low number. The registrar for Cash1K is a favorite among fraudsters. Cash1K charges a payment for registration and then processes withdrawals using Perfect Money, Payeer Wallets as well as Cryptocurrency.

Links to social media Cash1K isn’t present on social media.


The shambolic zero-business ranking suggests that Cash1K is an Scam. The company also has the referral program, which pays massive amounts to its members, indicating that Cash1K is looking to expand its membership program and is an indication of a Cash1K Com Scam. Similar websites went down within less than 6 months with no way to retrieve the investor’s funds.

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