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This review will explain why received a low trust score from our scam detector.

What is

Canvaskay, located at, is an online shop that sells various fashion and clothing, such as tops, dresses, and more. These goods are additionally offered at an odd discount.

Numerous red flags on this website suggest that it is not real. You can learn everything you need to know about the store from this review. These are some of the conclusions. Why you shouldn’t shop there.

Canvaskay has many red flags, and you should avoid shopping on the site. These are a few of the warning signs.

Site Creation

This website was last created in June 2021, and expires in June 2023. It is therefore suspicious.

Customer complaints

Numerous customers who made purchases from this company posted unfavourable reviews online, alleging that they were tricked into believing they were getting a lower-quality or nonexistent item. All attempts to contact the store to request a refund were unsuccessful.

Some customers were angry and had these to say:

The same coat was ordered by me. They promise longer shipping times but no tracking numbers or dates. They keep promising longer shipping times, no facts, tracking ids or dates.

Criminals steal money from people who spend 7 dollars on a coat for their child. These criminals should be reported to the authorities so they can get what they are due. ?

It has a fake contact address

Canvaskay has provided its contact information on its website. 212 Horton Road Datchet Slough England, SL3 9HL. A thorough search revealed that this address was associated with several scam online shops. This is suspicious as may be hiding information from buyers. This is suspicious because legitimate stores will always give accurate information on their site. This is a red flag that the store is fake.

It is owned by a suspicious company

It is owned and operated by Top Life Style Limited, a company known for scamming unsuspecting customers.

Suspicious/ Outrageous Discounts

The website advertises discounts that are too good and indicates that the store is a fraud.

Poor Security is not Mcafee and Norton-secured. This makes it vulnerable to hackers who could steal and alter financial and personal information.

Stolen Contents

The majority of the content on, including the product photos, was obtained from other online retailers.

This is quite common in scam online shops. These online shops misrepresent themselves as selling authentic goods, but instead deliver inexpensive knockoffs with no return policy.

No social media

The Store doesn’t have a social media handle. This is suspicious since every legitimate online store has a social media presence. scam or legit? is a red flag website.

It uses low-cost discounts to lure customers, just like other scam online shops. They place orders, however.

Orders are often sent a completely different item or a lower grade than what they ordered. Some unfortunate

Customers get nothing. This is a classic bait-and-switch scam.

Conclusion does not appear to be an authentic online shop. As we have shown in our study, this store has a history of defrauding unwary clients and has many warning signs. Buyers need to exercise caution. By looking up the Domain age on, online shoppers can quickly identify fake stores. Copy the address and put it into Google as well. If the store is a warehouse, a residential building, or both, Google Map will show it to you.

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