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Details about a social media star noted for her attractiveness are included in this page on Aurora Bronwin Wiki.

Do you want to know more about social media celebrities? Is Aurora Bronwin a social media celebrity? Influencers in Canada, United Kingdom and Philippines, among other places, are fans of this popular social media influencer.

Influencers are renowned for their attractive videos and images on social media. Many of her followers don’t know anything about her educational or personal background. The Aurora Bronwin Wiki contains more information about the social media star.

Who is Aurora Bronwin?

She is a TikTok model, an entrepreneur, and a content developer, according to the wiki page for Canadian social media star Bronwin. Bronwin Aurora was also commended for her excellent Instagram posts and explicit material in her OnlyFans page.

She was well-known for her modeling and for posing for local businesses. Bronwin was also a regional model for business.

Aurora Bronwin Personal Information:

  • Real name: Bronwin Nelson
  • Stage name– Aurora Bronwin
  • Date of birth: 12 March 2002
  • Birthplace: Ontario, Toronto, Canadian region
  • Occupation: Social media influencer, businesswoman and entrepreneur.
  • Age: 21 Years
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Mother: Maria Aurora
  • Father: Alfred Aurora
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Height: 5″ 5.’
  • Hair color– Blonde
  • Color of eyes: Blue

Popularity of Aurora Bronwin in social media

Aurora Bronwin is a born on 12 March 2002. Reddit has her Wiki. She is a TikTok superstar and creates content for the app.

Over 1.6 billion people have viewed her TikTok Channel. She has collaborated with numerous reputable companies. Her lip-syncing video is popular on social media.

Aurora Brnwin Net Worth :

Aurora has formed partnerships with several renowned clothing companies. She runs a successful business online and earns additional income from OnlyFans. According to Aurora Bronwin Wikipedia, her net worth ranges between 800,000 USD – 900,000.

Aurora Bronwin grew up in a family of educators and artists.

Bronwin is a Toronto-based model who graduated from an prestigious university. Aurora is described as being a Canadian mixed-race woman. She is a Christian.

Her parents’ names are however known. Aurora’s father is an entrepreneur, and her mother a housewife, according to reports. She grew up in Ontario with her brothers. She has over 90k followers on Twitter and many posts.

Aurora Bronwin’s personal details:

Bronwin Aurora is an Instagram model, actress, and actor with a beautiful facial appearance. She’s one of the top Instagram users. She has a huge social media following. She keeps her ex- and current lover secret. Bronwin loves spending time with family and close friends.


Aurora Bronwin, a social media influencer known for her beauty, is an . She posts amazing things on social media sites. She is followed by many people who look at her professional and private details.

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