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Apsara Iyer LinkedIn will talk about the most recent news, her background as well as her accomplishments and what she has to say about her journey to this level.

Have you heard about the resignation of the Harvard Law’s president? Who was elected the new president? Who was her replacement, as well as who’s she? Do you know anything about Apsara Iyer?

Apsara Iyer has appeared appearing in The United States and other countries making headlines since she was awarded the prestigious post. We will briefly discuss her path up to Harvard Law in Apsara Iyer LinkedIn post.

What is the most up-to-date information?

The story is about an Indian-American second-year student who has been appointed to the prestigious post of the 137th president of the Harvard Law Review. The Harvard Law Review, founded by the Harvard Law Review in the year 1887. It is among of the oldest student-run legal research journals. Apsara has been researching repatriation of crimes committed by artists since the year 2018. She succeeds Priscila Coronado, who was the renowned publication’s first Latina president.

When she was describing the success at Apsara, Coronado said that she has always amazed colleagues by her exceptional ability and compassion, as well as her thoughtfulness and fierce advocacy. She has made a difference in the lives of many and is certain that she will continue to improve lives in the future.

Who is Apsara Are you familiar with her?

  • Apsara Iyer, an Indian-American student who was elected the 13th head of the Harvard Law Review at the age of 29.
  • She graduated of Yale on the 16th of June in 2016, in 2016 with Economics, Math, and Spanish.
  • Then she completed an MPhil as an Clarendon Scholar from Oxford University as a result of her passion for archaeology and indigenous cultures.
  • Iyer was a part of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Antiquities Trafficking Unit (ATU) in the year 2018.
  • In her research on crime and art there, she assisted authorities in returning more than one hundred stolen art works to 15 countries.
  • Apsara Iyer from Harvard has consistently been interested in creating a connection between the archeological communities and sites and the management of the heritage of culture, as per Crimson.
  • She started the course in the Harvard Law School in 2020.
  • She joined the International Human Rights Clinic and the South Asian Law Students Association.

What is it that Apsara Iyer say on all of these?

Apsara Iyer is delighted with her selection into an eminent organization that has many legal interest. She said she had as a goal to involve more editors in reviewing and selecting papers, and ensuring that the publication’s reputation is maintained for quality work. When Apsara Iyer Harvard was hired the team, she expressed her desire to make sure we had our lights lit and running.


Apsara Iyer received the honor of being elected the 13th president of Harvard Law Review, and she became the first Indian American student to attain the prestigious post. We’ve provided here a few details on it. You can access the latest LinkedIn news on this page.

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