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This article on Anthony Baeza Arrested exposes the most important facts about an artist and actor who was detained by the locals as the discussion.

Is Anthony imprisoned? What is the reason people all over the United States and other places discussing Anthony? Since a number of people believe the rapper was detained The topic of Baeza Rapper’s arrest has become popular on numerous social networks.

We consulted a number of reliable sources and discovered that Anthony was arrested for the 3rd degree of infraction. We will find out the facts in Anthony Baeza Arrested.

The Anthony Baeza Story:

Singer, rapper, actor producer of hip-hop, musician Anthony Baeza, more commonly known as Baeza the stage name originates from California, Fraesno.

In 2009, Baeza began releasing his music and songs. Anthony launched Dough and Dro, his debut mixtape that was released at beginning of 2013.

Anthony Baeza’s Personal Information:

  • Full Name: Jesse Anthony Valenzuela Baeza
  • Occupation: Actor, hip hop producer, rapper, and singer.
  • Age: 29
  • Birth Place: Fresno, California, United States
  • Children: 1 Daughter (Mia)
  • Profession: Rapper, hip hop producer, songwriter, artist Actor
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • The net worth is $2 million.

Is the news about the detention of Anthony is true?

It was 29 years old Jesse Anthony Valenzuela Baeza, 23, was taken into custody and charged with a 3rd degree possessing charge for cocaine (drugs) and Class A misdemeanor controlled substances possession.

Legal issues Baeza is confronting aren’t new, as he’s been detained numerous times, and was accused of possessing weapons and drugs at his disposal numerous times. But this time, Anthony Ray Baeza was arrested for possession of drugs. In addition, there are allegations of sexual misconduct with a teenager.

What was the reason that led to the Anthony Ray Baeza Jail?

Although the reason behind Anthony’s arrest is not yet known the rapper is kept in a prison in the city and is accused of serious crimes. Anthony is a fervent fan of West Coast’s hip-hop due to his relaxed style and easy-to-understand rhymes.

The news that Anthony Ray Baeza Arrested surprised and disappointed many of Baeza’s fans who have been following his career and his music.

Information about the work of Anthony Baeza:

Anthony’s wealth ranges from a million USD up to two million dollars, and he’s earned a million dollars from his field of work.

Anthony is a recording artist and producer who gained fame on YouTube.

Are there any charges against Anthony Baeza?

On the basis of four counts of felony assault using an extremely powerful weapon, and a 2nd-degree misdemeanor Anthony Ray Baeza Jail was convicted and found guilty. Marijuana possession is classified as a class B misdemeanor that is unlawful.

At 10:03 on the 24th of January 2023, 2023, police officers arrested at Baeza’s Nissan Altima 2009 silver in the 1700 block of South Grant Avenue. When the officers got to Anthony and his vehicle, they were able to smell the strong marijuana smell within the vehicle. The police discovered Anthony with marijuana, cocaine and hydrocodone 4.5 grams and an aluminum foil pipe that was not official.

Anthony was unable to prescribe hydrocodone and was released from the hospital on the 25th of January 2023, following the posting of 16500 USD bail.


Anthony, an American citizen was reported to have been arrested and charged with 3rd-degree assault and illegal confinement. The accused was charged with possession of a controlled substance possession, which led to his detention.

Did you witness Anthony’s arrest? Discuss your thoughts on illegal drug possession in the comments box below.

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