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The article discussed Anna Paulina Luna Pictures and self-recorded videos during the presidential election. Also, it revealed her life as a professional and personal one.

Who is Anna Paulina Luna? Are you familiar with her? If not, then read the article to the very end for more details on her. Anna Paulina Luna is an American politician as well as is a United States Air Force veteran. Luna is a Florida GOP Congresswoman. What was her most recent Tweet on Twitter? Luna tweeted and released the self-recorded self-video. Check out her latest Twitter reason as well as Anna Paulina Luna Pictures in the following section.

About Anna Paulina Luna post

Anna Paulina Luna is an American politician from America. She is part of the Congress party of the Florida GOP. The morning of Thursday, Anna Paulina Luna was one of the 20 Republicans who opposed electing the speaker over Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.

Anna Paulina Luna was elected.She said that you can be an individual who is a woman who speaks up. Anna Paulina Luna Pictures and self-recorded video shared against his tweets.

Anna’s Biography:

Anna Paulina Luna was born on the 6th of May, 1989 at Orange, California. She is the child of Mexican descent, and is an German family man. Read on to find out the details of her background and how she came to be.

In in 2020 Tampa Bay Times profile revealed that Luna often switched schools.

At 19 years old, Luna was a member of the U.S. Air force and was in the force from 2009 until the year 2018. She was the airfield’s manager for Florida in addition to Missouri. In 2017, she graduated with the Bachelor of Science degree at West Florida University.

Luna’s Biography:

Luna was employed in many areas. She was an entrepreneurial. Also, she was an Hispanic event for Turning Point USA director. She was a host of podcasts in conjunction with Gingrich 360.

Her career has not ended when she was fired. She serves as chairwoman of the Hispanic initiative of PragerU. She also has published an author through Posthill Press. Luna was a part of Operation Underground Railroad, Veterans for Child Rescue along with Force Blue.

When Luna was in the Air force She was awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal, and was awarded the Medal with distinction. Luna was discharged in the year 2014.

Anna Paulina Luna – Republican Party

Anna Paulina Luna is a Republican Party. She was elected during the general election held on 8th November 2022. Anna Paulina Luna is a U.S. House member of the 13th Congressional District located in Florida. She was scheduled to be in office on the Wednesday, January 3, 2023. The term of her appointment expires on the 3rd of January in 2025.

Anna Paulina Luna – Husband

Luna was married with Andrew “Andy” Gamberzky. He was an U.S. Air Force combat controller. Gamberzky was injured while serving as a combat controller in Afghan country.

Then she changed her name to Luna. Her name changed to symbolize her Hispanic roots. Luna’s father was a member of Luna’s family. He passed away in January 2022 after an automobile crash.


In conclusion, Anna Paulina Luna is a Republican party and is the 13th Congressional District U.S. House member in Florida. You can access the video of Luna by clicking the YouTube link.

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