Angelina Torres Obituary {Nov 2022} Angelina Chaves Torres: Who Is She?

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After viewing “Christmas With You,” people thought on Angelina Torres.

You are curious about Angelina Torres. Why did the filmmaker choose her name for the lead character in the movie? This news is widely spread in the United Kingdom and America. Keep reading this article about Angelina Torres Obituary. The end will show you everything.

Who is Angelina Torres? Where is she from?? What caused her death?

People are interested in Angelina Torres’ name after watching “Christmas with You”. When the director gives everyone credit at the end of the movie, this is the title that displays. In the credits, Angelina Torres is named first. The entire film is dedicated to her. Are you familiar with her? She is the mother of the producer, to whom he devoted the entire picture . Sadly, she passed away prior to its release.

Angelina Chaves Torres, German Michael Torres’s mom. On July 24, 2020, she passed away at the age of 81. Because her family members are unsure of what caused her death, it might be believed that it was a result of disease or natural causes.

Michael Torres, who is incredibly proud of his mom, paid homage to her in an emotional Instagram post. You will find the link to the post in the article’s social media links section.

Angelina Torres’s Instagram funeral and obituary.

On social media, Angelina Torres’ identity is being sought. She was featured in a Netflix film.

Creators frequently use this technique to express their affection, as demonstrated by Michael Torres’ tribute to his mother, Angelina.

Everybody attended the funeral on August 5, 2022. All of her grandchildren and daughters were there. Everyone adores her, and she will always be remembered.

  • Angelina Torres Wikipedia:
  • Real Name: Angelina Chavez Torres:
  • Nick Name: Unknown
  • Date of Birth: 2 Oct 1938
  • Age: 81
  • American Nationality
  • Unknown profession
  • Parents: Octaviano Chavez And Soledad Chavez
  • Children: 6
  • Partner: German Torres

Biography of Angelina Torres – Who is Angelina Torres,?

On October 2, 1938, in Arizona, Octaviano Chavez and Soledad Chavaz gave birth to Angelina Torres, who is. She has 10 siblings—2 sisters and 8 brothers. Later in life, Angelina wed German Torres. He was the father of Michael Torres. Together, the couple had 6 children: 5 daughters and 1 son.

Their only child is Michael Chavez. Because Angelina is spiritual, she instils in her kids a sense of faith and ethics.


Angelina Chavez Norris died on the 24th of July 2020. A movie dedicated to her was produced by his son and the director. Continue reading this article to learn more about Angelina Torris Find out more about Angelina Torris by reading the rest of this article. This link provides more information on Angelina Torres.

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